Son life

I m 44 and my son is 21... I have developed a fdeeling toward shim..i saw his d*** last night. Its around 9 inches.. bigegr then his it okay to have rhis feeling.....i mean..Can i F*** him?



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  • Go for it honey!!!!

  • Guide him inside you let him fill you

  • Consensual incest is fine.There won't be any adverse consequences.Enjoy and keep us updated under the name ,Jocasta.

  • Totally right! ;)

  • It would mess you both up, mentally. It's hot as a prn fantasy, but in real life, DON'T!

  • Why would it mess them up mentally? That's not true, I've slept with my mum many times and it hasn't caused any problems at all. Infact, it is the most amazing experience and it had made me a really confident person. I would recommend it to anyone, don't just think about it, do it!

  • It is totally ok.

  • You both are adults. In my opinion there is nothing wrong in consensual s** within the privacy of home. Go, go ahead and satisfy your urge. You will love a large young c*** into your p**** and can teach your son a lot of f*******.

  • Totally right!!

  • Do it! F*** him, both of you will c** like never before. And if you really want to push yourself over the edge, take him up the ass, even if you've never done it before.

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