"Accidentally" getting caught by mom

I'm 21, but for the past few years, I have enjoyed setting up opportunities for my mom to catch me masturbating or see my c*** or see me nude.

My favourite is acting like I am listening to music on my phone or have the bluetooth headphones to the TV on and not hearing her knock on the door.

She always apologizes and never gets angry.

I had her walk in last night while I had my headphones not really connected to the TV watching p***. I was getting close to c******, and my mom, who is so predictable, came and knocked on my door. Which I didn't answer. I started to c** and she opened the door. Was the first time she got to watch me c**, as well as stare at the screen of the TV which was showing c****** compilations. Funny thing, this time she didn't quickly shut the door. She left the door open and walked away, then came back a minute later with a small towel, and came in and apologised for coming in. When I didnt hear her and handed me the towel and said, "I think you definitely need this." Chuckled and left

Oct 28, 2019

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  • It sounds like your mom may be open to something sexual. Keep doing what you are doing but next time she enters your room ask her to come over to you.

  • My mom caught me in the sublime act and sat to watch.Later,she made me do it every day and watched.I could never tell her to let me watch her get her tocks off.

  • It sounds like you mom is waiting for an invite. Family s** is so hot! Don't let these opportunities pass you by.

  • Watch p*** in the same way so that your mom can catch you - see her reaction and then act accordingly. She might be interested in what you were watching. In that case, watch together and be closer with her for more. You both should be happy.

  • We dped step mum me and big brother all holes

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