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My wife has this new male friend she met on line locally. She claimed he is just a friend, but she is really flirty when they are together. The other day I came home from work because I wasn't feeling well. My wife was gone so I tried to call her cellphone but no answer. Being concerned I logged into our account and tracked her phone. I tracked it to a house I was unfamiliar with but her car was parked in the driveway so I know she was there. I walked up and knocked on the door several times but no one answered. I decided to park down the street and wait. Some time later she and her new guy friend walked out. Now when I knocked I beat the crap out of the door probably 7 or 8 times. There is no way they didn't hear me. When I questioned her she accused me of not trusting her and tracking her. She said they didn't hear the door. I asked her what they were doing to not hear the door. She said they had been watching a movie. I told her fine, if nothing happened then you won't mind having s** with me right now. She responded with sure, after I take a shower, and I said no, right now, no shower. She got so mad she stormed out of the house and has not returned. It's been 3 days and she's still not back and won't answer her phone. Her car is parked at her guy friends house so I know she's living with him. Guess it's time to contact a lawyer and file for divorce.

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  • Dude just leave her nasty smelly ass.
    It’s pretty obvious she has no respect for you. That dude sounds like he has a huge set of b**** that need to be kicked.
    But you want as little as trouble. Next..call him and tell him I hope you can afford the baby she’s carrying cause we are finally divorced and watch how he dumps her

  • Bro yes you are doing correct. You MUST get divorced from this cheap street s***. I am sorry but I had the same after 8 years. Fortunately we were not married but 8 fcking years bro. Anyway! You were stupid but now you are wise! Enjoy your life and give your thanks to God for taking this b**** out of your life. There are 4 billion woman out there, there are many women who can be a great lover and a great wife. Life is good. Smile and be happy and do not even give a s*** to that stupid bitcj. Do not forget to put all her belongings to street RIGHT NOW. Just put everything out of the door ;) now it is her time to cry ;)

    You WIN the rest of your life.
    She lost a nice man like you.

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