2 BCC and 1 chubby friend

I was at the mall the other day by myself looking around a feminine store to buy my sis a Bday present. Ive always been straight, I love women and p****, but Ive also watched a lot of p*** since young especially “b******” category. So Ive always admired a big fat d***. So, as I was going tru clothes 3 black men appeared around my area looking at girls clothes for them. And to be honest two of them were hot and had nice a**** and were wearing feminine looking clothes . I didnt mind them at all so I continued when one of em got closer. I could see his d*** print of his monster limp c*** from his tight booty shorts. I could not get my eyes off that monster. After a good minute off me enjoying myself to a nice d*** print, he noticed me watching and so did the other hot one. I got so red and nervous . Not to mention they were big muscular men. So the one in booty shorts gets closer to me to ask me a question about what time they close the stores. “ it was late night and they were about to close in about 30 min” so as he was saying thank you he grabs his big ass d*** as to adjust it and I couldnt help but stare at it in front of his face. We both blushed and asked me If I liked what I was seeing . Idk why I said yes and he laughed and Invited me over to his house nearby to smoke some blunts. Long story short after two blunts the friends leave outside for a bit so its just me and the booty short guy. I go ahead and compliment him that he looks good in his outfit and that I lime his hair. After a little flirting he brought me a drink a sat a little closer and thats when I told him I was dying to get a look at his monster c*** and even getting him off. At this point Im just sucking on his d*** head cause thats how much I can get in me while stroking the rest of his d*** when the other two friends walked in and asked if they could join in, i agreed to only suck d*** and get my d*** sucked . I picked the other strong black man and the 3rd friend started sucking my d***. It was everything I ever wished for worship A BBC

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  • Did they c** in your mouth?

  • You my friend did something I have always wanted to do! I'm jealous!

  • I've had fantasies like that. Sounds amazing

  • That's hot

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