Anti whites must die

You see, these subhumans shriek and cry the loudest about the so called "white supremacy" in society and call for the killing of white people. This is utter bullshit, for if not for the white man's inventions and technology, these anti whites would never have a platform to spread their ideology or even be in white nations in the first place. As a minority, I see these filthy subhumans as undeserving of life in the West, and instead desrve to be put in extermination camps where they and their ilk can be tortured and experimented on until they die!

Oct 29, 2019

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  • Racists a brain dead and they come in all colours

  • All white people should die

  • All racists, REGARDLESS OF COLOR, should die.
    Please provide your home address and best time to reach you. Or STFU. Your choice!

  • I couldn't agree more

  • Just kidding, kill all white people

  • Not white but your posts reek of jewry. To me, Whites will never be my enemy, you Jews who masquerade as Whites and commit atrocities against the 'goyim' are the true enemies of humanity (as Jesus once aptly put it).

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