Wife sharing

After years of work convincing my wife that if we had a mfm threesome that I wouldn’t be jealous and think less of her she finally said she would give it a go. The rule was that if she didn’t like it at any point she could say stop and that would be that. We then spent ages selecting a suitable candidate that we both could agree on and mostly who she felt comfortable with. We finally agreed on a married family friend who had actually f***** my wife years before I’d met her.
As he lives in another state we only see him once or twice a year. I let my wife put the proposal to him and I wasn’t surprised when he said Yes without hesitation. That was years ago now and there has been a lot of f****** between the three of us since. My wife has holidayed with him and his wife many times and has always come home with some stories of her adventures.

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  • Nice!

  • I luv to share pics of my wife email me daviddalley408@gmail.com

  • There’s an old Eskimo saying; Loan a man your sled, it’ll come back broken. Loan a man your dog, it’ll come back lame.
    Loan a man your wife, she’ll come back good as new, every time.

  • My second wife asked if I'd like to share her with a friend, and after my s**-filled first marriage I was ready to share her with anyone. Three days later I brought a friend home from work, 15 years younger than me and told her that it was time. She had never taken two c**** at once and she was very excited. We started with one in her mouth and one in her c***, then DP'd her every combination there was. My favourite was me up her ass and him in her c***, her favourite was both of us in her c***. I managed to c** twice, both times in her ass, and my friend who was 20 years old, continued f****** her for almost another hour. My wife loves two at once, and so do I, and I've even surprised her with a third c*** from time to time. The difference between us is that when my wife left for a weekend of sexual service, she never came back. Last I heard was she was living in a mining camp, enjoying endless amounts of c***.

  • Damn that’s no good that she left, myself and my wife are still going steady and I must say that I’m very happy as she’s had a few adventures since I first posted on here. She has only been with one other fellow but it has been a sort of electric shock into our routine relationship here and there. She has no thoughts of us not being together as a couple but she ( as I do ) gets ultra nervous about entering into extra marital affairs. We both know it’s only s** and that it’s all good as long as there are no secrets, although I’m human and I know stuff will happen that I don’t need to know about so while ever we are both cool with what is going on then we will keep on doing it. I hope you find yourself a partner who stays put and loves you enough to see that it’s just great fun and takes it for what it is.

  • That’s exactly how we work 👍

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