My first cuckold experience

When I was in high school I had a girlfriend she was Puerto Rican and Mexican 4ft 9 in tall but hips and a huge ass of a women dark tan skin .I was her first lover I would have her pretend another guy would f*** her , anyway one day My friends had a party in the City and I took her with me my friend Jay whom I had known all my life was about 6 foot 2 and 380lbs but 17 years old allowed us to stay at his parents house that weekend .Thier was alot of drinking and drugs use at the party I would sneek off to get high without her knowledge I would leave her with friends and then return to her side after a while
She became very intoxicated so I walked her back to Jays house to let her sleep it off and this would allow me to go get high with my buddys because the party was at a park about a block away from Jays house I didnt think nothing of it
She passed out and I went for about 3 or 4 hours parting when i returned to check on my gf I heard grunting noises and furniture slamming against the wall in the dark I walked and peeked in the room my gf Ericka had been in to see my friend Jays butt naked his huge obese belly crushing Ericka's nude body disappearing under him except for her legs spread wide under his weight I could see her face and hands trying to stop him her nails digging into him he was trusting his body in to her like a sea lion grunting in extacy he had a huge thick c*** that was strecthing her more then I had ever been able to she moaned with every thrust the wieght of his massive body on top of her stopping her from screaming because of his massive size he must have been f****** her for a while because her clothes and panties where ripped off her and thrown on the ground he must of cummed in her dozens of times because c** was dripping out of her stretched p**** Jay probably figured he would never get a bueatiful girl like this so was going to make it worth his wild I dont know if was the drugs i was on but I started j********** to the sight of him f****** her ....he eventually finished just laying thier passed out on top of her helpless to remove him he eventually left the room leaving her sprawled out stretched p**** dripping his cumm out she cleaned hetself off then pretended to sleep when i walked in . What turn on .

Oct 31, 2019

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