Two rounds, So awesome.

I have been close with my best friends family for years, We started hanging out around the age of 12 and as we got older I spent more and more time at his place, His dad was always happy to take me along on any sort of camping trips or whatever and his mom was always the perfect mom, Cooking, Cleaning and so on.
His dad left when we were 15 and it was touch around there for a while but his mom got it together and got a job working rom home so she could keep up with the motherly duties and still have some cash, For the last two years she has been just taking care of everything and last night some of her friends took her out for her 40th birthday, Me and my buddy had raided the liquor cabinet and went to bed, His younger brother was at a friends place and I heard the front door slam as she came in around 2 am, I heard her giggle and then lock the door, She went to her room and closed the door and I didn't hear her come out of her room again.
I got up and went to the kitchen to get a drink and while I was standing at the sink his mom walked around the corner, his mmom is a pretty woman and was probably one of those super cute girls when she was younger, Short, Slightly chubby, Pretty face, Freckles and brunette hair but her one stand out feature is her chest, Huge, natural b****, Like huge. She stopped and looked at me, Hiccupped and mumbled something then stumbled to the cupboard and opened it grabbing a cup, She poured a glass of water, Drank it, Took a deep breath and held it staring at me.
She hiccupped again while holding her breath then let out a big sigh, She was standing there in a pair of PJ pants and a matching button up top, I could see that her b**** were hanging there and her nips were standing at attention, she was doing the drunk, deep breathing and I couldn't take my eyes off her humongous rack as they rose and fell with each breath. she went to say something and hiccupped then muttered "F*** me", I knew she didn't mean that she wanted me to but I whispered "Ok". She looked at me and kind of chuckled and then waved her hand at me, Leaned back against the counter and stood there.
She put her hands over her face rubbing her eyes and while she had her face covered I dropped my shorts and kicked them off, She put her hands down and looked at me then looked down, She got a confused look on her face and hiccupped, She slowly closed her eyes and then opened them and pointed her finger at me, She was going to say something but it didn't come out, I walked right up to her and took the hand she was pointing at me with, Wrapped her hand around my shaft and she held it. She looked down and then looked at me and I could tell she was trashed, She reeked of booze and looked like she was going to pass out standing there but she stood there holding my c***.
She was standing there holding my c*** in her left hand and massaged her forehead with her right hand with her eyes closed, I reached over and undid her top and pulled it open, Her b**** are massive, I couldn't believe how big they are, Huge, Veiny and had huge, Purple nips, huge nips like as big as my thumb to the first knuckle, Big, thick and hard, The dark part around them was all wrinkly and bumpy and looked like it was tightened right up, she looked down as I rolled her giant nips between my fingers and her eyes started to close like she was drifting off.
I couldn't believe this was happeneing and was way over excited, I put one hand on hers and started guiding her hand stroking my shaft, I had so much pre c0me dripping out that her hand and my shaft were both slippery already and I started sucking her giant left nip, She let out a breath and kind of pulled away a bit so I kissed her neck and she just tilted her head to the side giving me full access to her neck, I slid my free hand down the front of her pants and found she has a full bush, Like probably hasn't been trimmed since my buddies dad left. She was warm and wet and I could feel she has some pi$$ flaps but I didn't care, I easily slid one finger in her and she spread her feet a little so I put a second one in which made her feel considerably tighter.
So there I am with my friends 40 year old mom stroking my c***, I'm kissing her neck, Fingering her and playing with her huge b**** and nips, I took my hand off hers and she kept stroking so I reached down the back of her pants, I'm standing there with one hand down the front with two fingers in her, One down the back squeezing her big, Round bum leaning forward sucking her big purple nip and she is breathing heavy. I could feel her cl!t and was rubbing it with my palm and thumb and she started breathing heavier, I shuffled her pants to her knees and could see her big, Furry pu$$y, I stood up, Pressed myself right up against her and shoved my hand between us, I grabbed my shaft and managed to get my k*** in the right place, I pressed forward and up and slid right in her.
It's a good thing I am tall because she pulled her feet together so I put my feet on the outside of hers, grabbed the edge of the sink and started pounding her, She had her big, Round bum up against the counter and I grabbed her big nips squeezing them, then started pulling h****** them, She put her hands on top of mine and pressed my hands to her chest so I would just squeeze them and not pull, Her eyes kept closing and she started taking a breath, Tensing up then letting it out and relaxing then she closed her eyes and pulled my head to her neck, I wrapped my arms around her and slammed her hard and fast.
She started grunting and let out a moan, I was honestly scared my buddy would hear her but that still didn't stop me, I pounded her hard as she went limp in my arms and then I shoved deep in her hairy pu$$y and came hard, Every time I would pull back and shove it in her coming again she would grunt a little, I was basically holding her up as she tried to catch her breath and we both stood shaking and shivering. I was still rock hard and tried to keep going but she pushed my hips back and then basically grabbed my shaft, Wiped it off then wiped her hand on a dish cloth on the counter.
She put her hand over her face and I grabbed both of her big nips, She pushed my hands away and bent over pulling her pants up then stumbled off down the hall, I followed her and she went into her room, She got to the bed, Turned around and put her hands up to push me away, I kept moving forward until she was backed up against the bed, I pushed her to sit down and she was shaking her head no but I laid her back and her huge b**** spilled out to the sides, I grabbed her pants and pulled them off as she tried to grab them then worked them off her feet as she just moaned and grunted.
I put my hands on her knees and although she tried a little to resist I spread her legs and quickly started licking her cl!t, She has a big cl!t compared to my GF and it was easy to find, I started sucking and licking it and she just put her arms over her head. She was breathing heavy again within seconds and I stood up, Shuffled between her legs and shoved my c*** in her, I pounded her and sucked on her giant nips, she wrapped her chubby legs around my waist and didn't last long before coming again and I only lasted a minute or so after.
When I finished dumping my load in her I pulled out and she waved her hands at me so I left, I went back to my buddies room and passed out hard, I didn't wake up until almost noon and when I did I went to the kitchen, She was in the kitchen humming and cooking as always, She looked at me and turned beet red, The whole time I was there she wouldn't make eye contact with me and eventually I had to leave before I had a chance to talk to her. I am supposed to stay at his place tonight while he is working then we are leaving for an early morning fishing trip, I am gonna drive while he sleeps on the way there but I definitley am going to try and talk to his mom and maybe even nail her again.

Oct 31, 2019

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  • Lucky man. My mum is 45 years, 5ft tall and a brunette with a full untrimmed c*** bush.
    I'm fourteen. I know that because I've sniffed her dirty knickers. I really must see her c***.

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