I am not human. I am a god

I may look like a human, but I am not. From a young age I always knew I was different; I never felt like I didn't fit in, in fact, I did have many friends; although things like having friends, or going to parties never interested me (I've never been to parties). But despite that, I just always knew I was something different, something not human. I didn't know it for sure, but I would always say things like "I'm an alien from another planet" and "I'm hundreds of billions of years old", I could also always sense energy, as well as absorb it and manipulate my own energy. At the age of 16; on May of 2011, while I was waiting at a public bus stop after school; a man tried to steal my cell phone. In his attempt, he pulled out a gun and shot me twice in the head; although I expected to die from it, I didn't lose consciousness. I touched my head and felt the bullet wound, I then looked at my fingers and saw blood, but a few seconds later I touched again and could feel the wound closing up, healing itself. The man, scared, then shot me three more times in the chest, this time I looked down, although it hurt, I didn't lose consciousness, and this time I saw as the wounds healed. I didn't immediately believe it was true, instead, days later I began going to other people and having them try to kill me, to see if it was real. I forced many people, up to 7,347 people to try to kill me. I threatened people to have them kill me in any way they could. I've been shot, stabbed, dismembered and even decapitated; and I have healed from everything done to me. Not only that, but every time I was dismembered and decapitated, my body grew back new limbs, and head, while simultaneously the severed limbs and head grew their own bodies, becoming clones of me. Because of this I have come to the conclusion that I am physically immortal and therefore a god

Nov 1, 2019

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  • Its easy to think that. But that will get you f***** up. Don't live like a God. you won't know if you are until you're dead. Or f***** up.

  • 🤟 iluvu

  • Mutant sounds a little like wolverine

  • Lol

  • Lol what? I can actually prove that my claims are true

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