I killed a man

This has been on my mind since it happened about three years ago. I was out with my two friends walking through the woods when suddenly,m I decided to start running. After about 2 minutes of running i heard a gunshot and the felt a bullet pierce my front right chest.
It should probably be noted that I actually suppressed this memory for 18 months because it just couldn't have happened, but it did. So I looked down at the wound and there was no blood, in fact it seemed to have already healed. I walked over to the hunter. He, "OH, I'm so sry, I thought you were a deer." I actually remember laughing at him as the bullet dropped into my mouth I shot him through the face and then arranged the body so that it looked like an accident or maybe a suicide. I can't give location, but a few days later i saw a news story about it and now years later i head ffrom a friend that his father, a state trooper, had brought up the incident with him during dinner once and it happened exactly where I remember. I had never told my friend this story.
I just feel guilty because the hunter had a family and I killed him, but honestly i didn't think about it i just reacted to being shot, instinct sort of. I don't know wat to think let alone feel.

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