My mother

I really love to see her nude and I will j*** off looking at her nude body when she is so drunk she would pass out cold sleeping. I've used her hand rapped around my p**** to j*** off with while she is so drunk she has no idea what I'm doing. I've been putting my sperm in her drinks and food and on her lips after I c**. I've even put some in her tooth paste on her tooth brush and in her disposal douse so that my sperm is deep inside of her v***** and she has no idea what I've been doing with her. I've shown my friends some of the nude pictures I've taken of her passed out cold drunk sleeping and she has no idea what I do with her body after she gets drunk. She is the first grown up woman I have ever seen nude felt up and had s** with in my life. This was the greatest experience of my life being able to experience s** with my drunk mother when I was a teenager

Nov 4, 2019

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  • Another fifty-something je*koff dreamer.

  • Never expose your mom or your lover to others.Maintain their dignity.

  • Are you still having s** with her? Even in drunken state all women would realize if been penetrated. I was wondering, being a woman, whether you or your mom is dumb!!

  • All s** should be consensual

  • Or maybe u shouldn't f*** ur mom sick f**** it like to take u all with sharp tools

  • Edit I'd like to rape u all with sharp tools. Rather hire someone else to do it... too messy for me and make ur mom watch. I fantasize about torturing sick incest fuckos, pedos, animal f****** and the like.

  • Hey idiot incest is legal in countries all over the world including over half of the United States and all of Canada so shut the f*** up before I find where you live and make you eat a shotgun shell

  • Exactly! Incest is legal in many countries but not all. It should be legal everywhere!

  • I do what's worse the person who does the act or the sick f**** who say s*** like it should be consensual hope u all die slow

  • What's so wrong about consensual s** with family??

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