Little boy feet

For as long as i can remember i have had a thing for little boy feet. The look, the feel, the smell, something about it is just intoxicating. Boys 5-12 are always the best. If there is a chance i can smell or even lick their cute little soles I usually try to. They think its funny. That's as far as it ever goes though. Im no pedo.

Nov 7, 2019


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  • Not just their feet. There are other parts of a boy's body that smell incredibly hot.

  • I agree. I myself am partial towards a boy's butt. As soon as I spread a boy's cheeks and get that first whiff, I'm in Heaven. I get so worked up as I inhale his sweaty, musky, pungent, earthy aroma, I can just about have a full o***** without even touching myself.

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