Being a good cuckold hubby

I want to be a cuckold husband. I currently in a relationship and I want my girlfriend to cuck me. I would love to see her dominate me and chose boyfriends of her choice and f*** them. I would love to serve her. I deeply wish she cucks me one day and see this confession as well. I would love to clean her p**** after she was f*****. Waiting for her to dominate and cuck me

Apr 19

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  • Get in line . You and 75 percent of men want this. My wife cucked me and I didn't even no about it. That's right . She was sleeping with an old boyfriend behind my back. I didn't even know what a cuckold was. She had to tell me. I must say it made me really turned on. I told her that I wanted to watch . She said no way. She would be home when ever and I would get the pleasure to experience sloppy seconds if I promised to be a good boy. I had no choice in the matter. She was clearly calling the shots. She said her putty tat her rules. I'm a cuck plain and simple. She did tell me that she enjoyed her lover more than me and he was much bigger. So size does matter. She explained to me about alfa males and the fact I'm not one. My wife dominates me in all things. I'm expecting to clean up his messes . Which I do willingly . She also beats my butt with a belt . I have settled into my role . I'm a whipped man . Don't be like me. Stand up for yourself. I'm a sissy boy .

  • I also have a cuck fantasy but its inly on one guy that i know my wife likes n he likes her . hes bit younger than us but the thought of them together turns me on . i often w*** thinking of them then it came to much and i told her about it to my suprize she also liked it . .id use a d**** on her telling her its his c*** . her moans turned me on . we both wanted it for real . n it happened . but it didnt turn out way i planned . they fell in love and she had his baby now im all alone but i still w*** about it

  • Well if it works out for you, yoy should be happy. But with all if the STD out there goid luck.
    If she does this and your living your dream, how do you make it si it is not a nightmare?
    Good luck and have fun, but what about her what would she like to do?

  • There are differences in the sharing lifestyle. Some men wish to be humiliated, which actually is the poorer of options in MHO.. Some men use the lifestyle for power and control, by practically making their mate have s** with others. That is almost sad.
    Then there are men like me that care about their mate and will allow them to enjoy pleasure and get pleasure from that.
    I love to watch my wife enjoy s** with partners of her choosing. She knows I enjoy it, and after the experience she comes to enjoy me.
    Just last week she found two nice young men that showed her a very good time, I got to sit and watch each of them slide inside of her. It's beautiful.

  • Get you a collar that will fit your neck. Get her an ankle bracelet something out of a BDSM kit. Connect a chain between the two about 2' long. Put it around her ankle and the other around your neck. Crawl as she walks connected at her feet. While she is being serviced by her bull, you kiss and worship their feet. She can direct you with her leg and your chain.

  • This is so good 😘

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