Catfish homerun

So I got my first catfish off a dating site. Her picture showed me a cute 24year old blonde and when she showed up she was 80 pounds overweight and about 10years older. I was shocked but it's been awhile so, I invite her in. We sit on the couch and i bring it up right away. She was so ashamed. Then after about 5 mins i say I'm not sure i can do this. And she get really needy and says i can turn off the lights and she'll make it up to me. I hesitated but then did. I sat on the couch and she pulled off my pants and started to suck me off like no tomorrow. They weren't kidding when they said fat chicks can suck good. She swallowed all 9 inches deep. Spit dripping down my hard D***. After about 10 mins she asks if she can ride me too. I told her no. But she said she'd really appreciate it and do all the work. So I said ok, but told her I didnt want to touch her fat body. She climbed on top and went to town. All I could feel was her fat ass giggling on me. So I started to call her name. Saying things like " come on you fat ugly b****, hurry up and make me c**. Or that's right fatty f*** my c***. And it actually turned her on more. I finally caved in and bent her over my foot stool and shoved it deep in her ass calling her names and degenerating her the whole time. Then I pulled out and made her suck her ass juices off me before unloading In her mouth and on her face. Best catfish ever!!!

Nov 8, 2019

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  • Total BS

  • This makes me want to find more fatties. I've had a couple like this but I never took it quite that far with the name calling. I have convinced one to meet a "friend" before and then had a stranger come pretend to be a friend and pay me to fck her without her knowing about the money.

  • Lucky you i am desperate to destroy a womanhood badly

  • You're a sick f***. Mean and Nasty.

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