Raw Confessions gives up

This is what is at stake for RC seeing as they have abandoned their fans and let the religious and troll elements take over their site. This is the money they need to generate in order to operate and now sponsors are ignoring the placement as fewer and fewer fans come back or stay once they hit the censor trolls. What a shame, it used to be a great spot to visit but they refused to stop the intruders. Below is the lure for advertising dollars from the RC site that now gathers cobwebs.

RawConfessions.com has a large traffic flow, and most of that is from Search Engine organic search. Let's take a look at our Statistics from Google Analytics:
- 200K Unique Visitors/month
- 800K Page Views/month
- 3.83 Pages/Session
- 02:24 Time on site
- 94% English speaking users
- 56.5% of our traffic is 100% American; 8% UK visitors
You want to advertise with us? We have some cool ad spots available for you:
Ad IDDimension (w x h)Monthly ImpressionsPriceA1-1300 x 250800KContact UsA2-1300 x 250280KContact UsA2-2300 x 250280KContact UsB1-1250 x 150500KContact UsB1-2250 x 150500KContact UsText linkmax. 40 characters500K or 280KContact Us

Nov 9, 2019

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  • Confessionpost doesn't even update anymore either

  • There hasn't been an update for ages

  • The site sucks anymore. It's all pedos, trolls, and pure lies and fantasy.

  • H****

  • Im h**** and I want your young daughter

  • I'm h**** and I want my daughter!

  • Majority of it is lies. But I confessed on the site and nobody believed because of people'd BS. i think the site has been ruined.

  • Thank the pathetic retards who post fake fetish stories all day every day

  • There's too much stuff about kids. Not good.

  • RC is utterly disgusting

  • Both sites have the same issue

  • Yes. PEOPLE.

  • This could be a great site but it's hard to debate anything when trolls disrupt it

  • It's hard to do anything productive when trolls post bullshit made-up stories instead of confessions.

  • Exactly

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