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I need advice in regards to my mother in law. I have had the biggest crush on my mother in law ever since I met my wife. She has strawberry blonde hair, great smile, above average t***, and a wide thick ass. Shes super hot. I'm in my thirties and she is in her 50s.

So recently it has come to my attention and she may be leaving her husband who she has been in a sexless miserable marriage with for the past 25 years. I want to try and use this situation to my advantage and try to f*** her. I know she hasn't been f***** in years. I know she has a thing for me and has done some things in the past that suggests that she is sexually attracted to me.

So how do I do it? How do i f*** my mother in law?

Nov 7, 2019

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  • Honey, you had me at strawberry blonde.

    If she is in her 50’s and bushy you got to band her. Who cares if your wife finds out.

    She sounds f****** hot and she needs your c***

  • First off, you stop being a self-centered p****. The woman you describe could duck any man she wants, any time she wants. She doesn't have a thing for you, you idiot. She's an incredibly hot POA and you're just picking up on her general vibe; but it is not --- NOT -- being directed at you, not in any way, shape or form. Pump the brakes, gigolo, before you embarrass yourself beyond recovery, and destroy both families Completely. If you want an older piece, go out and have an affair. But stay away from your wife's family. That will NEVER Work for you. Why? Because you're too arrogant. You'll get caught and everything will blow up in your face. Trust me: I've been there, so I know what I'm talking about.

  • Let me quote John Wayne; "A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do." We are born to grow into sexual beings. If a natural desire is reciprocated by a trusting, safe and understanding mother-in-law so what? She has needs and you are reciprocating. Don't overthink the situation, just keep it between the two of you.

  • Don't go there. This is the exact situation I found my MIL in several years ago so my mother-in-law and i became f uck buddies. M wife found out and gave me a second chance at the same time she gave her mom a good talking to - a shouting match if you like. I cheated on my wife again by f ucking my MIL again and I now living with my MIL. I still think of my wife who I must say is as s exy AF but when it all boils down to it I regret what I did as I was only interested in getting more c unt.

  • Nothing ventured nothing gained. Find opportunities to talk. Include body language, touch and kindness. Get her view on the situation and don't force your intention too hard. She could be emotionally lonely missing the joyful release that s** provides. You obviously care about her. If you open the door a solution might be waiting there. If you have to keep secrets from your wife it might also be an exiting "sordid" affair for your mother-in-law. I say spice up both of your lives with this opportunity for adventure!

  • I was in a similar situation and temp moved out from my (now deceased) wife which allowed her mom to express her desires.
    I can attest the emotional toll it took on us was life changing.
    Long term is was only raw sexual desires as I realized she fake mom was emotionally damaged from the martial relationship.
    We kept our romps private until she met a man her age who satisfied her needs and I found her aged body less appealing.
    Ironically my wife's body aged resemble her mom's within our 10+year till she passed.
    The temp move out did give me clarity on my wife evolving herself & us to be less narrow minded but once the damages was done....

  • Sorry, but it's not going to happen. I'm a MIL myself, and I would never violate my daughter's marriage. And her husband looks nice. That is for her, and any impropriety is off the table.

  • If your daughter gave you permission would you then sleep with him?

  • I have to disagree with you, you clearly have looked at your son in law in a sexual nature, and you are just acting righteous' I think you would if you haven't already!

  • But not always so .....

  • In my view most mature women are full-grown developed persons in every aspect - physically and sexually. Hence it always leads to enjoyable company and s** with them. Even better if they are single/widow/separated or divorced and without s** for sometime. They tend to be h**** in such a situation and most likely to get friendly easily with them. Be friendly and closer with your MIL. Take opportunity to kiss her cheeks in appreciation of anything. If she responds, plant a kiss on her lips. If she reciprocates, hug her tight. Things will move on their own - better if she takes the lead.... TRY!

  • I feel like doing the kissing before the hugging is completely out of order. I take every opportunity to hug my MIL just so I can feel her t***.

  • But don't rush. Let her relax first so that you may enjoy her better later on ....

  • Is it something that our wife would agree with? you might explore this some and if she seems to agree maybe she will ask her Mom. You might be surprised that your wife would want to share you with her mom. I was a prude however being in a similar situation, my husband hinted that he thought my mother was "HOT". I decided that maybe my Mom needed someone and I knew my husband would ring her bell. I approached my Mom and she thought it was very nice of me to offer and she and my husband have s** a couple times a month.

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