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I've generated money quickly which a sound financial strategy. I can't take my money with me and I want to pass on knowledge. Adults are to set in their ways to follow directions so I'm looking for younger people. Girls do better with investing so teaching girls is easiest but not necessary. I'm married so I'm not looking for anything sexual but the fact that you're on this site tells me your just the right amount of open mindedness needed to learn. People who are in touch with their sexual side are people who are real with themselves and the world around them. High school or college students are what I'm looking for leave g mails or ig



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  • I am interested in learning

  • OP: Are you a girl and what age?

  • Yes I am and I will be 13 in February, I got some basic stuff at skool but got interested

  • Email for further instructions subject: Financial Literacy

  • Trust me, I'm totes legit. Believe me. Just step into my van. You don't mind that it doesn't have windows, right?

  • OP: this is way you and your family will always be poor

  • Coming from a lying skeevy basement dweller who doesn't have a very good grasp of English, I am like just SO hurt by this statement. Truly. Crying loudly right now. Honest.

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