I want to be taken care of but in a strange way...

I want to be fed and fattened up into a massive weight, like those 500lb people on television. I want to have a wife or girlfriend to enable me and feed me to that size. I want it because I find it incredibly hot but also because I just want to be taken care of.

I want to have no worries about if I'm going to be able to work or sustain myself. I want no worries about money, bills, food, or if I'll have a home. If I become a live in feedee for some feeder as my wife, then I won't have much to worry about if she feeds and takes care of me. I can just sit on my f***** and eat, cuddle her, watch tv and grow fatter. I've done more than my share of taking care of others with little or no care given back to me in return; so I think I'm due for someone caring for me wholly and utterly in this way.

I just want to be a massive fatty who has all my needs met by some loving feeder woman, fat and happy with love and no worries.

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  • That sounds absolutely perfect. I want nothing more in life than to get enormously obese and be taken care of. I'm already fat (over 300) and my wife is into it, but it just isn't practical to get as huge as I really want. I'd love to be stuffed so fat that I can't get out of bed, but realistically, I'm hoping for another 100 pounds or so.

  • Hello, OP here. Hope you don't mind me asking, but how did you and your wife meet? I've been trying to find a potential partner who'd be into this sort of thing with basically zero luck

  • Hi friend
    If this is a short term fantasy then go ahead
    On the flip side make sure that you can handle the prepositions
    I admire you for being so understanding with yourself
    Crudely honest you are indeed

  • Hello, OP here. Thank you for actually encouraging me. Yes, I'm aware of the prepositions and consequences of this fantasy if I am to persue it and make it real, but I can handle that. Making this real will put me in a happier state of mind and way of living than I am in now.

  • I have some beautiful words to say go fuckurself

  • You are rudeness

  • I like too do the opposite. I starve my gf. She now looks anorexic. Sometimes she just feints and collapses on the floor. I cradle her until she wakes and then I lay her back and f*** he then help her up.

  • What you are asking for is to come up with $17,000 a year to manage diabetes.

  • Wow if it was your mother

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