I almost touched a woman's pantyhosed legs at an after event.

Iam happily married to a wonderful woman. I also have a big time pantyhose fetish and I've tried to get my wife to wear them more often but won't unless it's a date night or special event. Well anyway my aunt works for a nursing home and they had an event which we attended. It wasn't formal but there was one of my aunt's co-workers there who is an older but decent enough looking woman who was wearing a shorter green dress and black pantyhose with heels. I tried not to notice but couldn't help myself. Well luck be we chatted a bit and then she came over and sat right beside me at the table we were at. Mind you there were plenty of other empty tables for her to sit at but she obviously chose to sit next to me. Well of course I couldn't help but look at her legs and how they looked good in her black pantyhose. She then immediately crossed them in my direction and my hand was close enough that if I moved it over it would be on hers. But I couldn't bring myself to do it, especially with my wife being there. I wanted to, but couldn't. I just wish my wife, who is very good looking would wear them more often to satisfy my nylon cravings.

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