27 years old still getting spankings!

I’m a basement dweller living out of my moms house I don’t have a job or a car ha ha I had a girlfriend but she’s mad at me beacuse I wear pretty pink panties I guess She can’t wrap her head around that, I think it’s super sexy, so I was a home and my girlfriend told my mom! She came storming in my room when I was masturbating with a dilldo in my ass I was bent overwith some pillows my rump in the air and panties around my ankles she screamed at me yelled cried I was so embarrassed, she said do you wanna be a girl????? I said well kinda? I explained to her woman have more opportunity then men I wish I was a girl because girls are pretty and have pretty pink p****** I smiled she said if you wanna be a girl fine idc... that night she came into my room and said I’m sorry for yelling at you I just don’t understand you I said it’s okay she sat down beside me and put her hand on my leg and said I’m sorry but this is gonna hurt me more then you I was thinking huh? You haven’t said that to me since I was I noticed the belt she was holding she got up and locked the door pull your pants down I said what she smacked me I cried what are you doing she said I did not give birth to a girl I had a boy I hurt myself for a son not a daughter so if now I am finding out that I have a daughter your gonna be reared all over again she yanked my pants down and said huh what is this are your panties prettier then mine???? She made me bend over on the bed where she spanked my ass for 15 hours straight too make it worse she would take a 10 Minute break every hour, I saw my bottom in the mirror turn from white to red to purple to solid black afterwards I pulled my panties up crying I said I’m sorry momie she hugged me and said it’s okay I love you too princess I felt so warm and fuzzy when she said that now when I’m home with my mom I do girly things like cook and clean in my pretty pink panties and skirt I’m so happy, every night I get naked and wait in my bed room I get a spanking for and hour every night then I get my b**** rubbed and my p**** stroked by her then I get tucked into bed since then I’ve been working and saving money so I can really become a woman I’m halfway there


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  • Update, I really do enjoy being spanked by my mother, I get on the bed naked on all fours and spread my back legs with my ass in the air I just love being a little princess

  • 2 things are prolly true, your 27 and you do live in your mom's basement

  • Another BS

  • She is obviously not much of a spanker. A use the belt on my sub gf and it does not take long for the welts to raise. If I belted her for an hour we'd have to take her to the hospital.

  • The first line told us all we needed to know.

  • Agreed

  • Wtf, solid gold!

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