My wild summer

I was in college in Santa Barbra and this was my second year. I had met several girls that were ok and we hung around together and studied in the library after hours all of us were a little shy at first we talked a lot about boys and s** but none of us had much experience I wore glasses because I was near sighted and boys just did not seam interested in me so I dressed to discourage them until this year .
My name is Vivian and I live in the S F Bay area so I shared a Dorm with Linda and Connie and Lucy shared a dorm this last summer though all of us had gotten laid and it gave us something to talk about it was like we had discovered our wings now and wanted to explore life to its fullest .
We sometimes masturbated talking about our summer and Linda and I had even shares in secret a little touché feely and I discovered what it felt like to have oral s**.
Connie discovered a nude beach just off of Hwy 101 called East Beach so we were feeling brave it was mid September and still hot and we had also discovered Bartle's and James wine that sold in 6 packs like beer and Lucy looked old enough to buy it without being carded so we were feeling bold and brave that Saturday and we all donned our bikinis and headed out .
The beach was not far from the road and we carried out ice chest with two 6 packs of wine nd some sandwiches over the berm and onto the beach that was hid from the highway.
Several people were there and so we looked and they were all nude so we took off our swim suits and put them in our back packs and spread out beach towels then we giggled like young girls watching the couples and singles walking by us and most of the women were older and their b**** hung down lifelessly and the guys seamed to be older to with soft c**** some of them looked like a second belly button on the guys and we all laughed talking about our bold entrance into the unknown but it was fun and I felt a little wild and free I had drank half of my wine and I normally didn't drink much just a couple sips to feel it then I saw a guy down the beach that stood out it looked like he almost glistened in the sunlight and I pointed him out to the friends and we all watched his leisurely stroll at the waters edge and as he came closer I could see that he was a black guy that must have smeared sun block all over him he looked positively beautiful and Connie said what a hunk and we all drooled looking at him he was beautiful wide shoulders maybe 6 foot tall and a tight belly huge thighs and I could barley make out his c*** between his legs and I could actually see it flopping back and forth as he walked slapping against his thighs I laughed and said he looks good enough to eat and Connie called out hey do you want a b****** my friend said you look good enough to eat and he turned and started our way I was blushing furiously and I could feel the heat all over my face and chest as he walked up to us and stood looking us over and he asked Really looking from one to another and all of them pointed at me and said she did
god I was tongue tied now and all I could do was stare at his c*** and I croaked out I was just joking but Linda was laughing now and said you did say it and we all heard you and they were laughing teasing me I felt humiliated but then I also began to feel bold and I looked up at him and I finished off my wine in one long gulp and looked at my friends defiantly and said yes I guess I did He walked up to me and I noticed that his c*** looked bigger he said show me and I looked at his c*** mesmerized by how thick it was and I glanced around and all of my friends were watching me closely now to see what I would do so feeling a little bold and wild now I reached out and took his c*** and stroked it slowly several times and he stepped closer until his c*** was just inches from my mouth my ears were ringing and I felt strange like I was watching myself from a distance his p*** slit winked at me as I stroked his c*** and at first it was low as ne of the girls said do it and then they began to chant do it do it and I licked the head of his c*** tasting a mans c*** for the first time and it tasted a little salty and had a faint Iron taste to it then his hands were on the back of my head and he pulled my mouth over his c*** and it felt huge and I pulled back and spit on my hand and rubbed it all over his c*** head then I sucked it into my mouth and I didn't know what to do but he did and he started to force more of his c*** into my mouth and I heard my friends laughing excitedly and cheering me on and I began to suck him harder and it was not easy his c*** was so big around I could see people gathering around watching us and they were talking and cheering me on also as I was really getting into it then he hit the back of my throat and I gagged and pushed him back and his c*** slipped out of my mouth but he shoved it back in and I was sucking his d*** again but my hands were on his belly pushing so he wouldn't go in so deep then I wrapped my fingers around the base of his c*** to limit how deep he could and my fingers were bruising my lips now to as he tried to get more of his c*** into me then all of a sudden his c*** felt like it swelled up then he held me tight for just a second and his c*** exploded and his c** shot out and I gagged and began to choke spitting his c** into the sand I couple hear my friends cheering me on and his c*** was squirting c** all over my face and chest until he got it back in my mouth and he came a couple more shots and I felt his c*** begin to go soft I was holding my breath with a mouthful of his c** and Linda said swallow it then they all began to chant swallow it and even some of the people watching were doing it to so I had to swallow twice to get it all and now I cant really remember what it tasted like but everyone was cheering me on so I sucked him as he went soft and slipped out of my mouth people were slapping me on the back congratulating me on my first ever b****** and I guess in the excitement the guy had slipped off and I never even knew his name.
10 years later and happily married with tow children I can still remember it like it happened just yesterday.

Nov 22, 2019

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  • Very hot story, best keep this to yourself. Hope you feel better now you have told us.

  • Have you told your hubby your hot story? I bet he'd like it!

  • No I haven't told him he might not like the thought of me giving a black guy a b****** he is from Alabama and is a litte racist so when we argue that comes to mind and I feel better.

  • A guy came to my city to visit from Alabama, he was drunk calling people the n-word. He almost got jumped.

  • Hope you give hubby a b****** now and again.

  • I do and he returns the favor.

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