I spanked my 28 yr old son

Hi I am a women in my mid 50s and my 28 year old son has moved back in with me after being divorced and losing his job for being lazy.
I got in from from work at 7 last night and he was lying in the sofa drinking a coke and eating cereal. He was still in his pjs. The house was a mess and he had made no effort to even look for a job for weeks. As I walked he said "mom you havn' paid my f****** phone bill this month" I just lost my temper grabbed him by his ear, hauled him to his feet, I pulled his pjs down and turned him over my knee. I gave him the spanking of his life with my hairbrush before sending him to the corner for an hour.... And he went without complaint ! Did I do wrong ?

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  • I was 20 and a typical mouthy young man with little respect for others I had met Sue a few months earlier and all was going well At a sunday lunch with Sue her parents and brothers an argument started re football between me and her brothers after a couple of warnings from their dad he got really angry and told them both to go to their rooms they apologised straight away but he was having none of it they both went in silence to their rooms Sue and I could not even look at each other as her dad went to a drawer and pulled out a wicked looking leather strap He went up stairs and we could hear a strapping being given to both boys whacks tears pleading etc at least 50 whacks each He then came downstairs and sat down with the strap on the table I apologised to him for my own part in the argument After a few minutes we could still hear the boys crying a bit upstairs He turned to me and asked if I knew what had happened earlier I told him that he had punished Sue's brothers He just looked and said come with me young man I tried to argue and Sue just looked and said go with him please We went to the spare bedroom and he gave me the same strapping I cried a lot and begged him to stop Then I had to stand in the corner hands on head for ages He called me downstairs and I had to apologise to Sue and her mum then I was sent home and told not to contact Sue until the next weekend This was the first of a good few hidings from Sue's parents over the next 30 years

  • Absolutely Not! Your son needs a good spanking for the way he was living, and you saw fit to not only spank, but to put him over your knee and spank him. My mother always put me over her knee when she spanked, and from experience I can tell you, being in your 20's and going over your mother's knee to be spanked, is a very humbling experience, and makes any young man feel like he's 5 years old again. So my take is not only did you not do anything bad, you did good to spank your son like he deserved. If he continues to live as he has been, just give him another good spanking, right over your knee!

  • In no way did you do wrong. A 28 year old knows better, and your son was lazy enough to deserve a good spanking. Good for you mom, and keep spanking, if your son doesn't mend his ways!

  • Use a cane

  • It took me a lot of trying but at 23 I got my mother mad enough to spank me. She kept threatening to spank me so I dared her and yelled at her to do it. She grabbed the wooden spoon, yanked down my pants and put me over her knee. Spankings became common forms of discipline for the next 6 years

  • They have become this for my son because they work

  • I would never disrespect my mom like your son did to you. While there were probably other ways of handling this, I'm sure you got his attention. I hope he's become more respectful. At 28 I would have loved to get spankings like that. I'd move in and take his place if he wanted to leave.

  • I sent him to cut a switch this evening

  • Oh it's a real spanking !!

  • I loved my mum spanking me she undid my pants and pulled them down to my ankles next was my underpants this procedure gave me an erection mum use to stare at it for a while I got embarrassed and covered it with my hands but she knocked them away, she use to lay me across her knee, it wasn't really spanking it was light taps, the last time she rubbed my bottom after, I tried not to I couldn't stop it I e********* on her legs, mum said don't tell your dad and ran up stairs, it never happened again,

  • You should reassure her that it's ok. Let your mum know she can touch you if she wants to. Sounds like you two are into each other

  • When you spank him, do you give him a little slap on the b**** too?

  • If my mother did that I'd have f***** her so hard

  • Perhaps that's what his mother wants

  • He needs the cane

  • If you had spanked me being your son I'd have gotten an extreme h****** and I would at that point do anything for you in the whole world x

  • You d have cried your eyes out

  • I know I would have, but that's the kind of spanking I'd crave and would want more of. I'd behave most of the time just to get a good hard spanking occasionally.

  • I can't see how that spanking is going to change his behavior unless you're prepared to give out more. Either he enjoyed it (as I would have) and will be a pain just to get another, or he'll refuse to let you do it again.

    He's 28? TIme for him to get out of the house if he can't respect you and your rules. I'd be happy to take his place for spankings if he decided to leave though.

  • He didn't , I have continued to spank him and it has really improved his behaviour

  • The only thing you did wrong was wait that long to light a fire under his ass ! Sounds as if he got a nut from you spanking that naked ass with a hairbrush ! Te him that you demand oral s** from hi. 5 times a day for as long as he lives under your roof f he don’t want to f*** you or have any kind of s** with you beat his f****** brains out after you f*** his lazy ass with a huge ass vibrating strap on ! Hey I would have moved out so quick if I had to f*** my mom bc I just couldn’t do it !! When I was 15 I would get a huge h****** an chase my mom with it telling her if you trip an fall it’s going straight I. Ya ! I caught her feeling if my d*** an it was every time I went to sleep ! She would take the covers off then she took my clothes off an would start jacking me off I just let her make me bust a nut I’n her hand one day !

  • When can I move into your house for a spanking

  • Trust me you would not want to !!

  • Trust me - I would want to. I'm glad it's working as a deterrent for your son. For me, a hard spanking would work wonders as a reward.

  • Well you must have a high pain tolerance young man

  • I do, Ma'am. Going over your knee would be amazing, I'm sure. I'd behave for you if you spanked me regularly.

  • I am sure you would , he got the belt today

  • If you need to practice your technique Ma'am, I'd be happy to help out.

  • I am a dad and I spanked my daughter & son because it turned me on,

  • Did my girls too and let my fingers wander to a certain nice hairless hole too, those little p****** felt soooooooo good

  • He has behaved perfectly since

  • You teached him that whenever he's unemployed he cant ask you about the phone bill, was it wrong? idk, but it wasnt good either, that wont make him want to find a job

  • Spanked him at 28!! Did he reach a hard-on? Check next time and suck on it....

  • U r a bee tch ma’am so blow him

  • I have spanked my son since he was 14 he 24 now. Unfortunately, it became a sexual thing with us. He masturbates me as I spank him and the spanking makes him c**.

    It also kept leading to s** and he knocked me up when he was 17.

  • It wasn’t your son, it was the neighbors dog that knocked you up. You have a seven year old mutt.

  • Through him out of ur house he will understand the value of time and job

  • Spank me like that mommy...I've been bad too.

  • Not at all seems like he needed one a long time ago

  • But isn't he too old ?

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