Should I be concerned my daughter has always showered with her dad, she is 15 now, I've spied on them to see if anything inappropriate is happening, I haven't seen anything happen except he has an erection I know its a natural thing, I know family relationships are mainly between dad and daughter, should I ignore it I just cant decide.

Nov 25, 2019

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  • Dada showering with their teen daughters is inappropriate

  • If you don’t already have a teenage son, adopt one and shower with the boy all you want.

  • Whats with all the incest bull $hit. F****** freaks

  • Incest is something that should be spoken about and understood. It doesn't make you a freak

  • Would unlike to eat your daughters little c***

  • If I had a daughter who was 16 or above yes.

  • MUCH younger

  • Only if you're a pedo

  • What age then would u eat her juicy little hole

  • No lower limit

  • There is nothing wrong with incest between adults

  • Don't worry about your daughter. I'm sure she's enjoying herself. You should talk to her about birth control though. If your husband is having s** with your daughter, you should talk to him about birth control as well.

  • I had a similar situation growing up, but with my mother. She was divorced at age 36 when I was 14. We lived in a small apartment with one bathroom. Our custom was to leave the door open so anyone could share the facilities. My mother took long soaks in the tub, even when my guy friends visited. She still left the door open and let us know it was OK to come in. She made no attempt to cover when my buddies saw her naked and I was very popular and often had friends visit. It seemed normal to me at the time, but thinking back, I believe she showed her privates on purpose for the male attention.

  • How many of your friends got to p**** her. I bet she was hot after watching them come in and Jack Hoff. She prolly raaped you every day and night.
    If you’d just charged your friends a buck apiece for her services, you’d be wealthy.

  • My mom used to make me shower with her after school starting at 5 years old. She also took my temperature anally until I was 12. And when I suffered from bouts of constipation at 10 she would put her finger in me to help me go. Anyway, after the showers she towel dried me and her off then at some point would wrestle with me and tickle me. I didn't mind at 5 or 6 but when I was 12 or 13 I wanted to stop but she wouldn't let me go to my friends' house after school unless I showered first. I began getting erections which she only spoke of once saying simply that I was growing up. When we would wrestle she began to pin me down on the floor on my back with her straddling me. She always had a robe on but nothing underneath. She'd tickle me until I couldn't breathe. I began noticing a warmth on my stomach coming from her groin. After the tickling was over she would fall forward onto my chest and just lie still. I was aware that the heat and pressure on my groin felt good. I began to look forward to this. Then something changed. One day she slid backwards, then forwards and continued back and forth. I felt my p**** inside something. I started to choke and my belly and thigh muscles quivered and I couldn't breathe. My whole body shook. She kept up this movement then gasped and began to cry. I panicked and started to cry too thinking I had done something wrong. She just lay on me crying for a minute the told me to go wash my private and get dressed. this continued most days a week, except when my father was on vacation, until I had my first girlfriend at 15. Then it just stopped. Completely stopped. To this day I cannot have a friendship with a woman without manipulating it into a sexual relationship. And, whether they are married or not, I usually succeed. I can't be friends with them without s**. DO NOT LET YOUR DAUGHTER SHOWER WITH .

  • Your mother should of explained to you what was happening. I had a sexual relationship with my mother and absolutely loved it. I feel it has been a real positive in my life. Incest isn't always a bad thing

  • Don't really think my mother could deal with what was happening. Don't think it was in any way "OK" for her. She was acting out of desperation. She should have divorced years earlier. I've been in therapy for this and the best understanding I have of it is that my father was very cold. Emotionally unavailable even to me and my sister. So I became my mother's substitute partner. She already had the love and closeness with me. When I became old enough to have erections it was the logical next step in fulfilling her needs. She really did need to get out and find a loving man to have a real relationship with.

  • Every situation is different I suppose and all s** should be consensual. Why do you look at this experience with your mother negatively? Did you not enjoy the feeling of being close to your mother?

  • Some people aren't worried about nudity and your mother is one of them. Good for her

  • I think she wanted some young c***

  • Probably, people forget that mothers have a s** drive as well! Me and my mother used to have an healthy mother and son sexual relationship.

  • Snapchat ddlgddaddy31

  • I use to shower with my son we both had erections our diks kept knocking against each other, and more happened

  • How old was he?

  • I kid at my high school committed suicide. Turned out his parents made him shower with them. Sometimes mom and sometimes dad. I only found out about this after he died from a mutual friend. Totally f***** him up.

  • Bullsh*t


  • If I was standing in front of a young sexy body I’d have to f*** her

  • May be they are being very careful, I was when I showered with my son I soon found out he was more of a man than his father, his manhood made my eyes water at first, I made it easy for him to make the first move I kept dropping the soap

  • Well, if both love to have shower together, let it be. Do they shower in the nude? However, for your daughter this may be educational starting with seeing an erect c***, handling it, stroking it, and in turn he may give some attention to her body - budding b**** and cute little p**** while soaping her and drying her with towel. You may develop an interest i vouyering over their act to spice up your sexuality. Nothing wrong in consensual family sexuality within the privacy of home.

  • There really is something wrong with "consensual family sexuality!" Major wrong! It's called incest. It can cripple how the child relates to the opposite s** when he or she grows up! Please read, "My mom used to make me shower..." and "A kid at my high school committed suicide..." above!

  • What is so majorly wrong with family s**?? Some children are mentally ill and it may not be due to incest at all. I personally think children shouldn't be having s** but I also think as a society we are confused about what is right and what is wrong. I think it's healthy to question social taboos so we can judge for ourselves. We need to accept that incest is part of human nature and stop denying it. Perhaps then people can understand it. I have had s** with an adult family member and I'm ok with it. Not all incest is bad.

  • Omg, you are so right!

  • Ughh. Yes there is.

  • You forgot to mention she should also suck it, love budding b****** and a nice puffy hairless p****

  • Don’t we all lol

  • How young do you like?

  • As young as you like bald soft c****.

  • Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm yes the younger the p**** the better it tastes

  • Omg stop

  • Strange my cousin always said don't stop

  • How olds your cousin

  • An adult now

  • 100% agree!

  • I am in my early 20s, but still love to have shower with my dad (but bra and panties on). He is really good soaping me all over and then when he is drying me off over touching my b**** and thighs I shiver in great pleasure. Yes, I do notice his hard-on that intrigues me. If he approaches, I am willing to have nude shower with him! I too shower with my mom in nude!!

  • You should do whatever you are comfortable with. Touching is a natural thing.

  • I’d have my hands all over that h**** young p****.

  • Needs to be MUCH younger than 20 though

  • Why?

  • Because we love hot young c***

  • Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yes

  • Not too young though, I like a bit of hair

  • I like it soft and bald

  • Oh yes no t***, puffy little hairless p****, warm, soft mouth

  • And a innocent face

  • To c** all over

  • Mmmmmmm oh yes please

  • Look so good with c** dripping off the chin,love to c** on the hairless p**** too

  • I see my nieces little bald c*** the other day when I was at my sisters I wanted to lick it so bad.

  • Would you?

  • I bet she wanted you to lick it too, how old is she?

  • Only 7

  • That is beautiful I have one 6

  • I don’t now why I looked suppose because I wasn’t ment too forbidden fruit.

  • Ithink it is nice to see, did you like looking at it?

  • Love taking my nieces knickers off and seeing hers she is 3 then I have her watch me lick the crotch, wrap them around my c*** and w*** for her

  • Yes

  • If you ask her she may let you see it more or take her knickers of and feel it

  • Feel it oh no I couldn’t feel it.

  • It feels nice

  • Yes but if you start feeling I’d want to finger

  • Love having my finger in her

  • But you would like to get her knickers off and see it? i have taken my nieces off a few times to get a good look

  • What’s she like and what did you do after having a good look.

  • Nice bum, red hair, green eyes, freckles, i wanked in her knickers

  • Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm sounds sexy

  • Lovely little cotton hello kitty knickers,i licked the crotch first to taste her

  • Take the bra and pants off and stop pretending, wash each other,

  • Did u ever shower naked wit him

  • No need for any concern, it's totally normal.

  • Its not normal but if your both up for it do it

  • I think it is normal. What's ok for one person may not be ok for another. We are all different.

  • As a 20 year old woman, who came on to her Dad, I can tell you for sure it's all ready happen.

    And your daughter loves it.

    No 15 year old girl will shower with Daddy if she doesn't like him to see and touch her body.

    There is nothing wrong with them having Daddy/Daughter love time.

  • Absolutely right

  • I agree with u. My Dad and I showered together and I liked loved it. His body was so fine. At17 he was f****** my brains out.

    25 years later no man can make me c** like Dad can.

  • Nothing wrong with consensual incest

  • Actually, it was not my father, it was my mother who seduced me. I was 15 and she introduced me to girl girl love.

  • Not today officer

  • Are you insane?! Of course you should be concerned.

  • I disagree. What's the problem?

  • Thats degeneracy. she should be bathing on her own, why does she need to shower with a parent at that age?

  • I don't see the problem with it. We all have different family dynamics and sometimes we are too quick to judge. Also, it's not about need, it's about choice.

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