Brother and me married and I love

I don't care what society says. I love my brother Josh and we are legally married.

I'm 26 and he's 40. We began 11 years ago, on my 15th birthday when I realized no man could make me happy but him. I went to him and seduced him The next morning I told our parents I'm going to live with Josh. They didn't understand. We have been together since that night.

On my 18th birthday, they realized we were a couple and disowned us. I got really good fake ID's and we got married in Los Vegas. Then spent the next two weeks in the bridal suite f****** until his c*** and my ass and p**** were too sore to do it again.

We have 2 children and live quietly on the west coast. Our s** life is incredible, we still do it 3 times a day. I always want his c*** in my mouth, p**** or ass.

I sometimes forget Josh is my brother, but during s** I remember it and knowing it is so forbidden for him to be f****** me and c** in me made me o***** so hard it hurt.

I want him to knock me up again!

Nov 27, 2019

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  • Would you let your kids marry each other? Or would you consider divorcing your husband and marrying your son?

  • If my son and daughter want to I would support them. They already have s** with me and their father regularly. And each other daily. I'll never divorce my brother he us the prefect man.

  • This is the way a family should be

  • Are the kids healthy?

  • Yes. No issues

  • Great. I think it's rubbish or fake news that's incest causes birth defects

  • I'd love to marry my sister

  • Good for you!

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