Conferring my sister

Last night my 9 year old sister got in a lout of trouble and dad spanked her hard and send the to her to her room i could her her crying for a while so i wint to her room and she was laying in her bed with no pants on i could see her ass was already! training black and blue i layed down next to her she was still crying i put my hand on her back and tryed to to confer her after a fue minutes she rolled on her side and hugged me she held me tight i could feel the heat from her p**** it mad me git hard win she felt my d*** pressing in to her she started to grind on it i asked her if she wanted to see it she nodded yes thin kiss me so i striped and she tock her top off she looked at my d*** and sead she had never seen one so big i sead well your class mats r 9 and im 16 she smiled and jump on it we f***** all night we have bin doing it as often as we can for about a munth yesterday she brought me one of her friends she was 8 and had never had s** before she was so tight i hop she c*** back again

Nov 27, 2019


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  • Just pure BS, never happened, just a lie

  • Never happened, and you're a r*****.

  • Of course it's fake. Don't worry, your sick thoughts can rest easy knowing nobody was truly harmed.

  • You need to learn how to spell, my friend.

  • By misspelling they think it looks more real.

  • A bit young

  • No such thing

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