Help my friend

I'm 14 year old boy and I have a crush on Jan she 13 . She asked me to come over and play I keep getting there and finding her crying and she refused to talk about it . One day I got there early and Hurd her crying I looked in to see her older brother holding her down and f*** her . She seen me witching thrue the window . Thin she wouldn't look up at me . He finished . Shoved her off the bed and kicked her in the guts . After he left I intered the window she was still crying on the floor . She looked up at me . And said do it . And she been over . I lift her up and held her until she started crying now we r run away together so she can be free of that

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  • You should be standing on the train tracks.

  • Stop posting we all know it is you living in your moms basement wearing her panties.

  • Everyone knows you’re the same idiot that writes the made up stories with the same stupid misspelled words.

  • Are you not tired of posting the same s*** every day, get a life

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