Son is a crossdressers blow me each night

I'm a 43 year old widower. I have an 18 year old son. I walked in on him while he was crossdressing. He was on his bed his leg over his head and preforming a self b*******. He also had a large dildi in his ass.

He didn't realize I was there, i saw his body shutter I knew he was c****** in his own mouth. He kept sucking and started working the d**** his c*** was out of his mouth. He was moaning as he f*** himself.

He then realizes I was there I just said finish up and I left. I didn't see him again that evening.

I went to bed and woke up to him blowing me, it felt so good I didn't stop him and came in his mouth several minutes later. He swallowed and kissed me and said I love you Daddy and left.

We did not talk about the next day, but that night, fully crossdressed repeated it. It has been happening now for 3 months. He stopped leaving afterwards and in the morning gets me hard and we have a*** s** with him on top. I c** in Him every time. I find I'm thinking about f****** all the time. I've been jerking off at work over crossdressing pictures he sends me. Especially the videos of him blowing himself and c****** on his own face, then blowing me a kiss. When I see his lips with red lipstick I want to f*** his mouth.

I know we should stop, but it feels so good. Truthfully s** with my son is better than it ever was with his mother. I've also stopped thinking about him as a boy. But as a girl.

Where we live it is dangerous for her to be gay and a crossdresser. If I continue to provide her the s** she wants and needs I can keep her safe.

Should we continue to have s**?

Nov 30, 2019

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  • My son saw em giving another guy a b*******, and a few days later he told me he also liked doing that. We have been sucking each other for years now. We both suck c*** better than our wives ever have.

  • Yes of course if you both want to you must to be truly happy. You should crossdress with him and make love to him like hes your wife kiss him passionatly tell him how you feel about him and ask him what he wants you to do and if he wants to marry you to be truly happy in life you are very lucky and im jelous.

  • I'm 18 now and gay and very feminine. My father and two brothers and I live in a remote part of Alaska. We have air deliveries once every 3 months.

    Since I was 12, I have been living as a girl (I dress in girls clothes, and only in a little dress in the house, and no panties) and have been sexually involved with all three of them. I don't do the heavy work and only cook, clean and sexually satisfying them.

    I love being the girl for them. They are all so strong and well endowed 8 + inches. I have s** with them alot. In especially in the winter one finish me and another is ready. Having a*** 9 times in a day in normal.

    Some days I'm don't leave the bed except for food and the bathroom. My mouth and ass is always open for c***. Sunday's are oral s** days, I shallow multiple loads of c**.

    I want t*** so I will be even more of a woman for them.

    They have no interest in women, I give them so much s**, any time they want.

  • My father want two daughters. Our mother had died, so Dad did what he wanted to us. I was 6 and my younger brother was 4. He started to feminize us. We had to wear girls clothes in the house, grow our hair long and pee sitting down.

    Dad was wealthy so he didn't work and spent his time, making us little girls. 2 months after it started he was anally masturbating us with small d***** several times a day. We both had to insert butt plug. At 7 a*** s** with me started, my brother was 5.0

    My brother was made into an oral w****, he had to blow Dad 3 times a day a swallow. Dad prefer his mouth to mine.

    This went on for 20 years. We were his sissy s** toys. We rearly have ever left the house. I was 22 and my brother was 20, Dad dugged us up a drove and hour away to Mexico. We were kept drugged for several days and both of us woke up with t***. He violated us so much, but we were so afraid of him.

    Last year Dad died in a car crash and we were free. But my brother and I only know how to be girls. We wear only female clothes. We have beautiful t*** and d**** but can never be with women. Dad trained our bodies so both of us can only c** from receiving a*** s**. We are lost sexually without Dad. We hate him, but only he made our bodies feel good.

    At first our only means of sexual satisfaction is to take turn ass f****** each other. But now if we 69 for an hour we can c** also most times. We have been in love with each other since we were teens taking comfort in each other. We kiss, suck each others t*** and c****. But it is not the same. We want my Father's c*** in us again. We are so f***** up.

  • 6 is hot but 4 is hotter I would have used your tight little boipussys for something other than a butt plug

  • Wish I was dad I would love a*** with a little boys and two would be heaven, I sucked a 3 yr old and loved it, too young to f*** though, I tried getting my c*** in his mouth but he didn't want to suck it and I do not believe in force, my 2 and 4 yr old cousins (girls) sucked it though

  • Your son is very lucky, you are making him feel the woman he wants to be. He genuinely loves you and the s** is a completion of that emotion. Buy him some lovely undies, stockings, silky blouses and floaty flirty skirts that you can lift up easily. Make love to him while he wears his panties, he will adore that and you will get the excitement of pulling them to the side when you are ready to take him.
    At some point he will want to go public with you, but that will be difficult and embarrassing unless you move home and he develops a real feminine appearance.

  • He is very feminine even without makeup. All his life he has been mistaken for a girl. His hair is shoulder length now. Last week we went to a nearby city he changed into a pink top, black skirt and heels. With only minimal make up.

    She passed as my girlfriend. She even got hit on when we went to a bar. She has a great fake ID.

    That week s** was off the hook. My c*** and her ass is still a bit sore from all the bareback a***.

  • My son is like that with me. He pre-op and we have been have s** for 5 years now.

    His ass is so tight, I prefer s** with him to his mother. I

  • You are both very lucky then. Your son is feeling the girl he always wanted to be and wearing feminine undies and pantyhose, skirts, blouses and feeling so submissive in your arms as you gently lift the hem of his skirt while telling him you love him and burying your head in his panties as your tongue searches for his erection.
    I am sure that you adore the feeling of his hard manhood throbbing in his silky undies and of him yielding to your firm arousal.
    I know exactly what he feels like because I am a sexy transvestite with three older lovers, all married and each of them eager to lay me on my bed to enjoy feelings and sensations that they cannot get with their wives.

  • That exactly how I feel. Making love to him, is the most intense and orgasmic experience of my life. It was never like that with his mother, not even close.

    His ass is so tight

  • My mom's boyfriend that I got like the cutest and tightest ass ever. I'm not sure if it's because it's so tight or just because his p**** is bigger like?

  • If you are both happy then continue to have s**.

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