Comedians who were never funny (unless you were majorly dunk)

1. Robin Williams (absolutely horrible)
2. Garry Shandling (can't believe he had a career)
3. Roseanne Barr (wow, maybe the worst ever)
4. D*** Gregory (old school, but not funny at all)
5. Don Rickles (as funny as getting served Ecoli)
6. Andy Kaufman (being avant-garde can still be horrible)
7. Steve Martin (what a f****** joke and a fraud. Awful)
8. Bill Cosby (he liked p****, but f***. Not bad as a comedian).
9. Lenny Bruce (a good sociologist, but lousy comedian)
10. Jerry Seinfeld (Gen X f***** up by watching that s***)

Nov 30, 2019

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  • So, who do you like?
    My favorites are,
    1. Steven Colbert
    2. Seth Meyers

  • 11. Donald Trump (narcissism and being a spoiled kid in an old man's body is not a good look)

  • Where is Jim Carry .

  • Amy schumer (not even be called "bad comedian" just "bad")

  • Yeah, but I'd sniff her dirty panties so she's OK.
    Nish kumar is one, he sucks so bad, not funny in the slightest, and that fat
    James corden, jesus I hate him

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