The day I became a sissy.

The day I became a sissy was the day that I finally found out what ive been missing. I started dating a transsexual escort. One night we were doing some speed together and she asked mebhiw I felt about being dominated. I said im willing to try it. You know I love crossdressing. So she said come with me. She tookbme in thebbathroom and I got undressed and she shaved my whole body. Then we went in the bedroom and she took out some panties and a bra with a garter belt andbstockings. She heloed me put everything on gave me some silicone b****** and sat me down to do my makeup. Then she put me in a sexy dress and high heels and last but not least a wig.i looked pretty good for a big girl. Then she came out with a d**** and a butt plug some restraints and a ballgag. She lubed up my ass and plugged me up and cuffed me to yhe bed. Then I seen thus look come over her face like she was transformed. She started to verbally abuse me and said I was in for the experience of a lifetime. So she started to make me suck her rubver c*** saying all sissues have to know hiw to suck a good c***. Right you sissy s***. Yes mistress. U want a real c*** though dont you. Yes misstrss but im scared misstress. You should be scared. Next thing I know there is a knock on the door and in comes 5 mire trannies 2 women and three men. I started freaking out screaming to ket me go. She put the ballgag in my mouth. When you be good ill take it out. I calmed down and she removed it and I begged her and started crying. Everyone got undressed. When I seen the size of yhe c**** on some of these men andbtrannies I was scared. Tge women had on huge strapons. Two of the trannies step up to me one at my face and one between my legs. Misstress pulked out my but plug and tokd me to be a good girl for her. She said I want you to suck her c***. With tears running down my face I started to swallow her c*** while the other f***** my ass hard. Rught then I realized something. I was f****** loving this. Iam a sisst s*** I want more c***. So each one toik there turn and came in my ass and mouth and all over my body. I came so many tines without even touching myself I never felt anything lije it. I thiught to myself I LOVE C*** I lay there dripping c** they all gathered around me and started peeing on me. Again I lived it. After everone left misstress unlocked me and washed me and put me in her bed and tokd me she lived me and I was a good girl fir her tonight. And she wanted to be her girl permanent. Without even thinking I said yes.


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  • You are an amazingly fortunate to have had this life changing experience!!! Good luck in exploring the wonderful sissy life you are about to embark on!!!

  • Well, I for one regret learning to read.

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