My wife’s mother

My wife’s father passed away after a long battle of cancer. He was significantly older than her, but she was 68 the first time this happened. I was in my mid 40’s. She needed help around the house after some neglect, so I would go take care of the yard and minor improvements. One day, the sliding laundry doors came off track while I was outside. She asked me if I could help get the one door back on track. I came in, hot as it was in the middle of summer. She offered me a cool wash cloth and and water. I cooled down but took my shirt off to put in the hamper. She had helped with our laundry from time to time and it wasn’t unusual. I went to the laundry room and started the nightmare of getting the door back on track. As I was doing this, I asked if she could keep the peg in the track on the bottom still as I did the top. As I was moving the door side to side, I felt a hand rubbing on my stomach to my chest. I looked down, and she was gazing at my crotch which was at her eye level. I said, are you okay? She immediately said, I could be better. I brought my arms down from the top of the door and said what does that mean. She stood up and leaned in and thrusted her tongue in my mouth. My c*** immediately jumped and grew. Her hand went around and grabbed my c*** hard while her other hand grabbed my chest.
In a sudden moment of clarity, I grabbed her by both arms and said, we can’t do this, what about my wife and your daughter?!! She bowed her head and said she apologized and didn’t know what had come over her. She was embarrassed, but I was also embarrassed being extremely turned on. She went to the kitchen and I finished the door. I then said I am going to head home, but told her that it was nothing to be embarrassed about and we were good. As I was about to turn, I noticed she didn’t have a bra on, which was very common, but I never looked at her that way. She was a 36 double D, and very athletic for her age. Her nipples were erect, as I still was as well. She thanked me and then we hugged. As we were hugging, I pressed my c*** against her and pulled her tighter. She leaned back and moaned and said, you said this was wrong. I leaned in and started kissing her neck while keeping my c*** pressed against her. I lifted her shirt and started licking one of her beautiful t***. Her nipples were perfect as well as her t***. I could feel my c*** pulsating as I became more turned on. She then said to stop, and said let’s go upstairs. I said okay and followed her to the bedroom. I immediately pulled my shorts off and my c*** bounced out. I’m not large, but I have a 8” c*** with girth. Girls in the past have called me Campbell’s Soup, a soup can c***.
She turned around and her eyes got bigger, and kneeled down and started licking my shaft to my b****. I grabbed the back of her head and guided her to my head. She opened her mouth and began sucking me while her hand squeezed my b****. After a few minutes, I leaned over and raised her up and guided her to the bed. I pulled her sweatpants off and immediately smelled her wet p****. It was damp, and ready. I lifted her shirt up and started to grind on her through her panties. I felt her hand slide down and slide her panties to one side. Her p**** was so wet I felt the heat immediately. I pulled back and went down and started tasting her. Her back arched up and down until her hand grabbed me by the back of the head and pulled my mouth deeper in her p****. She then moaned and locked up as she bursted her entire o****** in my mouth. After she unlocked and relaxed, I wiped my mouth and mounted her. I plunged my c*** in her with one big thrust. She said please be easy, it’s been a long time. I thrusted in and out like a teenager until I could feel my b**** tingled and started to swell. I with two more thrusts she said stop, I want to taste you. I pulled out and grabbed my c*** as she leaned up and dove on my d***. She swallowed all of my c** and then rubbed my d*** on her t***. I rolled over and we did a repeat an hour later. We still hook up occasionally, and I j*** off to her when we can’t.

Dec 2, 2019

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  • I didn’t get that far but I massaged my mother in law twice the second time I massaged her she started to slide her panties down and I said no let me I slid my mother in laws panties down and was staring as her hot spot she laid on the bed while I was on my knees next to the bed I slid my fingers in and out and massaged her c*** for roughly 10 minutes she never let in like anything was going on never acknowledged it at all
    I went home and had my wife get on the bed and let me have her while I smelled my fingers

  • Love the story

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