Swimming Baths

I think something is going on between my son and his step dad, it was a rainy Sunday afternoon not much to do, my husband suggested we go and swim at the leisure centre I wasn't bothered so my son went with his step dad, after they had gone I decided to follow, I didn't fancy sitting in on my own, so I followed in my car I saw them walking in as I was parking, I got in and started swimming around, but no sign of them, the changing cabins were along the side of the baths, after nearly half an hour they both came out of the cabin, I stupidly thought why did it take so long to change, when they saw me they looked guilty, I asked them why it took so long to get changed they said they were talking, I know what it use to do in the cabins with my boyfriends and girl friends and my brother in yeas gone by, what to do about it or not to do.

Dec 2, 2019

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  • It most likely they have been doing it for a while. Probably your son is f****** his step dad's ass.

    Your son has probably been willing from the start. When I was a teen, I willingly f***** a lot of older guys ass. I also 69 with them. It most likely started with oral s** between them.

    Let them do it. Your husband will never leave you.

  • Bum hole play isn't dirty if you do it at the right time, make sure its empty

  • Love a young boys tight ass

  • Urgh, dirty bum hole play

  • It goes on between boys more that you think

  • Step Dad and son where playing!! I don’t mean with women . They are taking care of each other’s needs sexually!! After my dad past . His friend played dad and it was a matter of weeks he had me in bed making love to me he made me his boy toy for five years got my first p**** at 20 and went back to older men for s** !!

  • You can get up to all kinds of mischief when your both naked together

  • May be nothing

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