Fantasy I Cant Stop

Recently I shared a post confessing that how I am jeolous and overly protective about my wife but when I am turnt on and h**** I cant stop but want to share her nudes with other men to read their comments and thoughts about her. Well today I have another confession to make, I have been thinking and imagining about my wife having threesomes with 2 other men while i sit in the corner of our bedroom having my drink as I watch her get f***** and creampied with the random mens hot sperms dripping out of her amazing p****. The thought and image that plays in my mind of her doggie on our bed with one c*** in her mouth my wife sucking it hard and playing with the guys b**** while another guy rams her p**** and slaps her ass is just such a big turn on for me. I have even been asking and mentioning to her about threesomes recently as well but in a way I am grateful that she is not interested in none of what I have been fantasizing or talking to her about as I dont think I would be able to get over the fact of her being f***** by 2 other men in a threesome after it would of all been done. She is 20 years old with amazing natural t*** and a amazing beautiful ass that i just cant get enough of looking at. Lets hear what you lot have got to say about this f***** up situation of me and about her.

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  • Id luv to see some pics bud and ill comment

  • Please, I would love to see and comment on her photos.

  • I would love to see her photos. Please email me

  • Love to see them

  • I have the same fantasy about my wife. I'd love to watch her with other guys, sucking c*** and then getting f*****. She's 40's BBW Brunette with big t***, shaved p**** and big ass.

  • Show her pics.

  • My wife and I did a threesome when we were in our early 20s with my teenage brother. it was a lot of fun. The first thing we tried was her blowing him while I did her doggy style. We fooled around for about a year and a half off and on. Probably the kinkiest thing we did was she and I did 69 with me on bottom while he got her from behind. I tongued her until he nutted inside of her and then he pulled out and I brought her to a climax with my tongue. I could taste his sperm after he nutted inside of her. It was really hot.

  • Have you spoken to your wife about this ? She may want it as much as you do. However you should be careful about what you could lose if she finds a lover she likes . She may fall for the guy and where will you be then ?

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