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I won't say that I get off on the idea that my wife's mom is a l**** but...After her fathers passing my wife's mom dated a couple guys, Nothing serious but I know for a fact she put out because my wife and I heard her getting pounded, We were at the lake in rented cabins, My wife and I had sneaked down to the dock for a little quicky, We were sneaking back and had gone past the back of her moms cabin and as we snuck through the wet grass behind the cabin we could hear her mom saying "Oh f*** yes, Harder, Harder" It was all I could do to contain my laughter as my wife shook her head in embarrassment.
After that relationship soured she stayed single as far as I know for a couple years and then at 55 she...Rekindled a relationship with an old friend, It was at that time my wife became aware that her parents had been somewhat of a wild pair back in the day and had engaged with other couples. Her old friend had been one of those couples and her husband had died 10 years ago from cancer, The two of them were traveling together and so on and she sat my wife down to tell her that they were in a relationship.
I can't really say how my wife felt about it, She was quiet about it for the most part but she was always friendly and poilte to her mom's...Friend. My wife's mom is about 5 feet tall, Average build and nice looking for her age, Her friend is maybe a couple inches taller, Similar build and also a nice looking woman for her age. They had come to stay with us for a weekend and were sleeping in our basement in the...spare room, Not really a bedroom but just a large room we used as kind of a play room for the kids so I had set up a bed and so on in there.
I had gone downstairs to turn out lights and close up for the night, We had all been having a bit of wine and as I walked past the door to the room they were in I could hear a bit of giggling, I kind of...wondered if they were up to something and I knew that from the utility room you could see into the play room, I tip toed into the utility room, Leaned against the hot water tank and peered into the room. I have to say I was...Intrigued by what I saw, the two of them were laying in bed and My wife's mom was on her back, Her friend was on her side and had her head under the blankets, My wife's mom was holding the blanket up with one hand peeking down at her friend as she held her friends head to her chest.
I have to say I was pretty instantly rock hard, I had never seen my wife's mom naked before but I knew she had a decent body for an older woman, I had seen her in bikini's etc. and one time I seen her in a t-shirt with no bra just for a minute, She had gotten up to make coffee and I was sitting at the counter in the kitchen, She came into the kitchen, Noticed me right away and got nervous, She quickly made coffee with her nips sticking out through her shirt and bolted back to her room. My wife was used to me coming to bed after her because I usually went tothe garage and smoked before bed and would sometimes get distracted messing with my Chevelle.
So here I am, Hiding in the utility room peeking into the play room watching my mother inlaw get her nips sucked on by her "Girlfriend", I won't lie, I quietly worked my sweats down and took my d*** in my hand, I was happily surprised when her friend got on top straddling her and I watched as they kissed and quietly giggled. After a minute her friend started kissing her way down my wife's moms body pulling the blankets as she went, My wife's mom was tilting her head back and arching her back as she breathed heavy. My wife's mom was reaching for the blankets but her friend shffled them down and I was able to see my wife's mom's b****, Pretty decent for an older woman, They look reasonably firm, Decent handful and definitley bigger than my wife's with big, Round pink nips.
I watched as they grabbed and groped each other and it was obvious her friend had one hand under the blankets and I was pretty sure she was playing with my wife's mom's p**** the way she was reacting to her friends touching, Finally after I waited and waited I got to see her friend slide under the blankets between the mother in laws legs and she reached both hands under the blankets, lifted her upper body off the bed then laid back and whispered "Ooohhh...My...God". My wife always tucks the sheets in at the foot of the bed and being a taller guy it drives me crazy but for this it was working perfect because as her friend tried to get positioned she was having a fight with the blankets, She finally kicked them to the foot of the bed and said to h*** with blankets all together.
I was trying to be quiet because from where I was I was only about 3-4 feet from the foot of the bed, If the wall wasn't there I could have literally leaned forward and stuck my fingers in her friend from behind, As the sheets came off I had a full on perfect view of her friend from behind and was quite surprised with what I saw, I wasn't surprised to see that she doesn't shave but i was surprised to see that she is a natural blonde, I don't know why but I just always assumed she died her hair but nope, She is all natural, Not a big bush, She obviously trims it down but I don't thinks she shaves any of it, She had blonde pubes with a quite nice looking little p****, It looked nice with soft looking, Pink lips and a little bit of pink inner l**** showing but not a lot, Pink butt hole and it looked tight and nice also.
I couldn't see my mother in law because her friend was in front of me but I was still happy with my view, Her friend was staddling her which of course meant she had her legs spread and she was on her knees leaning forward licking my mother in laws c***, My mother in law had her legs together but then her friend put one knee between hers and my mother in law ended up with her legs on the outside of her friends but I still couldn't see her with her friend in the way, I spit in my hand and started slowly stroking as I stared right into her friends p**** listening to my mother inlaw get her p**** licked, I watched her friend lift one of my wife's moms legs and then the other and she laid on the bed with the mother in laws legs on her back and her knees on the floor then after a minute or so my mother in law whispered "Stop, Stop, Stop...Oooohhhh god I don't want to come yet".
Her friend stopped and stood up, leaned forward with my mother in laws legs still on her shoulders and I almost blew my load, That was when I got to see my mother in laws p****, she also keeps a bit of bush but she obviously trims and shaves her bikini line but as her friend leaned forward her dripping wet p****, she is a brunette and slightly darker skinned and I watched as her p**** opened up as her friend leaned over her, I could see her dark p**** lips and dark pubes, she has a tiny little brown butt hole and her friend reached down spreading her p**** lips with her fingers, I was right there, I could see it all and I could see her friend rubbing her p**** then I watched as her friend slid one finger in her.
I couldn't help it and blew my load on the floor, thank goodness it is lino and was easily cleaned but even after blowing my load I was still rock hard and couldn't stop watching, they kissed a bit as her friend fingered her and then my wife's mom moaned a little as her friend slid a second finger in beside the first, She couldn't handle too much of that and squirmed away, they made out and rolled around, After a minute they got up on their knees in front of each other and were rubbing each others p******. That was when I got to see her friends b****, Slightly bigger than the mother in law and big, flat, pale pink nips. I continued watching them until the grande finale.
They had worked their way into a 69 with my mother in laws ass toward where I was, I wathced as her friend lifted her head and scrunched a pillow under it so she had her face buried in the mother in laws hairy little p****, She had her mouth right over it licking and sucking on her p****, She reached a hand over the mother in laws back and around squeezing her ass cheek then started rubbing my wife's moms bum hole with her middle finger, My wife's mom was clenching her hips and I could see the cellulite in her ass each time she did, she would take a deep breath and shake as she let it out then her legs started to shake and her friend rubbed her butt hole quicker and went to licking her c*** which let me see her p**** as she came, she moaned and shook as she came.
she arched her back a couple times each time she came and after she did she moaned as she got off her friends face and turned around, Her friend spread her knees and I was right there, I could actually see my mother in law look into her friends eyes as she leaned in and started licking her friends p****, I blew my second load watching her friend grab her hair and hold her face into her p**** as she arched her back and quietly moaned my mother in laws name as she came. After she came my mother in law continued licking her until her friend pulled her up away from her p****.
My wife's 55 year old mom wiped her friends p**** juice off her face and I was right there, Literally just feet away watching as they kissed and giggled, My wife's mom whispered to her friend "I love you" and her friend said it back. I knew I had to get out of there when they started to get up and fix the bed, My wife's mom pulled on her house coat and went to the bathroom, I took that opportunity to sneak very carefully up the stairs and into the garage to smoke as I replayed the whole thing in my head over and over.
What an amazing thing to watch, I NEVER would have imagined I would have seen my wife's mom naked let alone her and her "Friend" both naked and never in a million years would I have guessed i would watch them go full on l**** right in front of me.

Dec 3, 2019

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