Had sis for thaks giving

I came home for thanks giving i walked in on my dad f****** sis on the kitchen table he was b**** deep in her ass and she was really in to it he asked her to suck my d*** so i would tell mom and she did win i was about to c** i put my hand on the back of her head and shoved my d*** in to her throat she gaged win i cam but she got it all down later that night i seen her going to take a shower i followed her to the bathroom she asked me what I wanted i grabbed he ass she smiled and lead me in the bathroom we f*** in the shower we f*** a fue more time before i had to go home i told her i wont to unwrap her for Xmas


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  • Stand on the train tracks we all know your writing

  • Did somebody's cat walk across their keyboard?

  • People use phones to post as well

  • I use my phone to post things on Facebook all the time, so stfu with that tired old excuse. It's called basic English skills, and "herp derp i did this on a fone hurr" doesn't cut it. Try again.

  • Stop posting vague post ass hole

  • I love family s**!

  • Apparently, seeing as how you keep posting it

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