My neighbour trusts me - silly girl !

My neighbour who I have always wanted to ** is going away over Christmas 🎅 and has asked me to look after her flat. I have her keys.
Kelly is about 5ft tall, 32 years old with brown hair and nice ** of about 34B.
During the summer I saw her many times in short tight shorts tight tops.
I've seen down her impressive cleavage many times.
I need to know if she shaves her **.
She is quite a messy untidy girl and there us is always underwear on the floor all round her flat.
I intend while she is away to hunt down a pair of her dirty knickers to sniff and hopefully find some ** in them too.
I should find some easy plus I'll check her bra size.
As I said she is quite lazy so I suspect she has an untidy hairy **.
It's time to find out !
I'm gonna spend Christmas sniffing her ** aroma in her knickers and ** ! ** ** ** !!!

Next Confession

God I need it.

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  • I'm male but while I was looking after a neighbours place while she was away, I had the chance so I wore her lingerie and heels and the day before she was due home I had a "friend" come around while I was dressed in her lingerie and sucked then while he was ** deep in my ** she walked in after having split up with her fella while away.
    she didn't get mad far from it she joined in and both myself and my friend did her in every hole and when we were done she let me keep the lingerie and heels "for next time"

  • My gfs girls are 6 and 9 I love licking and sniffing their knickers

  • This wknd I sniffed my sis in laws dirty **, my god they were good!!!! I licked the white creamy discharge too, slightly salty and delicious! She's very much single too, so no, I wasn't licking sperm lil

  • I did the same this weekend. My sister in law is a hot, single, nerdy redhead and her c u m filled ** were awesome!

  • Maybe plant some hidden cameras lol

  • I had thought of that but if she finds them I'm in big trouble.

  • I love looking after my neighbours houses. I get in and find all their sexual secrets.

  • I go straight to the dirty **

  • Are any of them hairy and ** ?
    How old ? What do you once you've found the ** ?

  • Mostly I get my sis in laws, ones a brunette, others a mousey blonde, both late 30s,blondes smell heavy, but the brunettes literally get me light headed and high! I sniff, lick and ** them as I ** off.
    Never ** in them as I'm scared ill get caught!

  • I understand completely.
    Are all hairy and do the collars and cuffs match ?

  • Forgot to say, never found any hairs in them

  • Maybe try some older relatives ?
    Knowing that a girls ** are s different colour to her and is normally her secret Is really **.
    Like when my blonde friend Melissa left s pair of knickers in my car after we'd been to the Laundererette.
    The knickers were clean but finding s mass of long ginger ** in them told me that blonde 22 year old Melissa had a hairy ginger ** between her legs.
    I sucked on some of her ** and wanked for days before I embarrassed Melissa by giving her her knickers full.pubic hairs in the pub.

  • Mmm the dirty **! I bet they smelt incredible!!
    And Yay!! Britain is finally leaving the EU!
    Go Boris!!!!!

  • Good man!!!
    I hope you hit the jackpot!

  • It's not going to happen, she's changed her plans for Christmas !!!!

  • **!

  • I'll get her dirty knickers eventually and some **. Must be patient.
    I'm in her flat with her constantly so just need to wait until is busy and pick a pair off the floor unnoticed.

  • Like I said she's changed her plans.
    Her divorced dad is staying alone than spend Christmas with his wife and family.
    He'll. Be sniffing his daughter 's knickers as I had. Planned to do !
    Lucky **.
    He constantly spends two weeks at a time with each of his three daughters and knowing him he has enjoyed all their dirty knickers.
    The youngest. Katherine is a petite 28 year old English Indian.
    I'd so love to ** her. I don't expect she shaves her ** only trims it to stay in her knickers. Lovely to talk to.
    Totally **.

  • I intend to. Watch this space in a couple of weeks.

  • New story coming soon?

  • ** off and die..**.

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