Ex wife's sister

My ex and I split 4 years ago and last night I got a little revenge by nailing her little sister, I was out with friends when one of them commented on a girl by the bar, He said he walked by and had to do a double take because he thought it was my ex. I didn't really care, It was whatever and I carried on with my evening but then around 1:00 am she walked past our table, I was talking to one friend and the other tapped my leg and nodded toward her, I looked up and right away recognized my ex's little sister.
Personally I think my ex is an attractive woman, 28, Brunette, Curvy and amazing eyes, Problem is apparently I am not the only one who thinks that but I won't get into that debacle. Just as I noticed her, She noticed me and stopped, Tilted her head to the side and smiled, Waved and carried on. An hour or so later it was getting close to closing and I was going to head home, I went outside to catch a cab and she was standing outside. I said "Hi", She said "Hi" and we started talking, Her friend had left with her boyfriend and she was waiting for a cab because she didn't want to ride in the car with them fighting.
I offered to share a cab and she accepted but we waited a long while and no cabs were showing up, I decided to walk as it's only 4 blocks to my place and she said "Would it be ok if I called a cab from your place?", I thought for a second and said "Yeah sure, If you want to walk", She said "Sure" and we headed off. I swear I wasn't trying anything on her but I have to say that I had been taking a peek at her body here and there when the situation allowed. she is basically a mirror image of my ex only 8 years her junior, Slightly thicker but carries it well, Thicker legs, Thicker ass, little bit of a muffin top, and larger b******, Shoulder length dark hair and the same crystal blue eyes that drive me crazy.
We got to my place and went inside, She stepped one foot up a couple stairs and was undoing her shoe, She got caught looking back to see if I was looking and then when I did she said "Hey, Are you looking at my bum?", I jokingly said "F'ing right I was, It's great", She giggled and I decided right there I was going to nail the s*** out of her. As I passed her on the stairs while she undid her second shoe I smacked her bum and it was pretty firm, She squealed and said "Hey...F*****", I looked back and her big b**** were squished together.
When she came to the kitchen I was mixing drinks and handed her one saying "Want one while you wait?", She nodded and said "Yeah, Thanks", We sat on the couch and I was sitting kind of sideways looking at her as we talked and she wasn't making eye contact with me and then I said "Well, I should call a cab" and grabbed my phone, She grabbed it out of my hand and basically crawled into my lap. We started making out and she straddled me, I pulled her shirt over her head and she had a great big sports bra on, I pulled it up and her great big b**** popped out and jiggled, She tossed it aside and I said "Holy s***", She looked down and said "Yeah?", I said "Yeah, they're huge", They were considerably larger than I expected and rock hard, I grabbed and squeezed them then looked at her and said "Are they real?". She scowled and said "Of course they're real", I said "I just don't remember you having these".
We were making out and I said "F*** you have great t***", She said "I heard that you have something big too", I said "Oh?, Where did you hear this?", She told me that her and my ex were having drinks one night and my ex told her she screwed up and had mentioned that I was good in bed then her sister told her "And it doesn't hurt that he's got a big d***", She said her sister was pretty drunk and left it at that. She looked around and said "Can we go to your room?", I stood up and led her to the bedroom, I grabbed the waist of her skirt but she dropped to her knees.
She undid my pants and pulled them down, She ran her fingers over the bulge in my underwear and looked up at me keeping eye contact as she pulled my underwear down and then looked down, Sat back on her heels and said "Yeah, She was right", She started stroking me and said "Gooooodnessss", She started sucking me and I took off the rest of my clothes, I stood her up and pulled her skirt down, I looked at her and said "Hmmm, Commando...Nice". She pushed me onto the bed and got on top of me, We banged all night, Just going hard and she was amazing, She was so tight but after about 5 minutes I had her on her back and was going b**** deep, tagging bottom, I hammered deep and held it there as she came hard and flooded the bed, She moaned "Oh gooood you're amazing, F*** me, F*** me, O god I'm commmiiiinnnngggg", I let her come and then started f****** her again, I whispered in her ear, "I'm gonna come on your face", She was breathing hard and said "Ok", I lifted her legs and she moaned "Oh...No, I can't do that, You're too big", I pulled out and shot my load up her body and landed it perfect right on her face, She sputtered and put her hands up, I pulled her hands away and she turned her face to the side.
I finished on her and then got up and got her a towel to clean up with, She moaned "I need a shower once my legs start working again", She rolled onto her side and I snuggled up behind her round, Firm ass and cuped her t***. We fell asleep for a bit but I woke up and couldn't help myself, She was laying on her right side and I got on my knees, Spread her bum and buried my face in her little p****, She woke up and moaned "Oh god, What...Oh yeah...Oh baby", I shoved my c*** in her on her side and she moaned "Oooohhhh shiiiiitttt", I put my thumb on her bum hole and she said "Oh...Not in, Don't put it in", I said "Ok" and slowly f***** her on her side, I had my thumb rubbing her a****** and one cupping her t**, She grabbed my hand and sucked my thumb while I was f****** her.
I started whispering in her ear "Yeah, You like that...You want two?", She moaned and nodded her head, I was like (Oh wow), I said "yeah, You wish you had a d*** in your mouth right now too?", She moaned "Mmmhhmm" I shoved my d*** deep in her and we came together, She comes huge and wet and i just slowly stroked in and out until I was done coming, She laid there and moaned as I pulled my limp d*** out of her. She was panting as she moaned "Oh...My...God...Did..You...Ugh...Did you come inside?", I gently bit her ear and said "I just came huge inside your little p****", She moaned "Oh god...Not cool" but she was too exhausted to get up and eventually we passed out again.
When I woke up she was laying there looking at me, I kissed her and started playing with her t***, I sucked one and slid my hand between her thighs, She clenched her thighs and said "You're terrible, get out of there, I can't... I need a break". I got up and made coffee as she got up and showered my c** off her face and out of her hair from the night before, We had coffee and then I fingered her on the stairs as she tried to put her shoes on. After she was dressed I drove her home playing with her under her skirt the whole way and after I dropped her off I went home, I was napping on the couch and something like 4 hours after I dropped her off she texted and asked me if she could come over, Of course I said yes.
She came over and we have been banging for just over a week, Multiple times every day, I love titty f****** her even though they are too firm to wrap around my d*** and she lets me come on her face, In her mouth, Lets me play with her bum hole and even let me toss her salad in the shower a couple times, As soon as I get home from work she jumps me and I think we have nailed in every room so far, She loves it from behind while thumb sucking and I think I might see about having a buddy over to see if she will actually do it, She says she did it once before but won't tell me about it.

Dec 5, 2019

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  • You can't get it in her ass? That proves what I've always thought, in-laws are a pain in the ass! Sounds like you are having great fun with the other holes though!

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