Buddies mom

My buddies mom has always had my attention, I have always checked her out, She is just a short, Kind of chubby woman with long dark hair and big floppy boobies. Time and time again I have attempted to flash her or show her my c*** which is a good 8 incher and so far I have only been with one girl. I am always around their place when he isn't home and I don't know what happened between his mom and dad but his dad hasn't been around for 10 years or more and they don't talk about it.
This morning he was working days and I was on days off so I was hanging around, I had on a pair of shorts and was sitting on the couch, She got up and I heard her go into the bathroom, I could hear her shower and she came out in a housecoat, She noticed me right away and came up saying "Hey", I said "Hey", She said "Whatcha watching?", I told her and she said "Oh yeah, I heard about that, Any good?" and I said "Yeah", She sat down and crossed her legs, I could see her big b**** hanging under her housecoat and kept peeking over and her chubby legs. We were talking and the coffee pot beeped, She went and poured a coffee and I got my shorts undone and fished my c*** and b**** out.
She came back and sat down and said "Ok, 10 minutes and I need to get ready", I had a semi which I feel is when I am at my most impressive and I moved letting the blanket slide off, She looked over right away and said "Oh Geezus", I looked at her and smiled saying "What??", She cleared her throat and said "You know what". I pulled the blanket right off and grabbed my shaft shaking it at her, I said "You like", She closed her eyes hard and then opened them and said "You should...Put that away", I said "We still have 8 minutes", she scoffed and cleared her throat still looking at it then looking away and looking back.
She set her coffee on the end table and untied her housecoat leaned over and took it in her hand, She sucked me for a couple seconds then I laid her back and spread her legs, Rubbed my k*** on her hairy s***** and she was already wet, I slid it in and pounded her right there on the couch, It was the middle of the morning so there probably weren't many people around but if anyone went by they could have seen me hammering her on the couch. She sucked her big fat n*pples while I pounded her and then she came, I came right after and she laid there breathing heavy.
I watched her big saggy b**** go up and down and reached over squeezing one, She pushed my hand away and got up, Tied her housecoat and went upstairs, I waited and she never came back down until I showered and when I got out I went to her room but she was gone. I can't wait for my buddy to get home so i can go over and see her...I wanna f*** her more.

Dec 5, 2019

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  • Older women are amazing. I am 19. I got a lot of p**** in high school.

    But once I f***** my GF mom I was hooked. Nothing like a hairy bush. Oh and older women can f*** you hard!

    It’s amazing. My motto now is “if the p**** ain’t old enough to birth me it ain’t work f******

  • How did she taste

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