Love with hindu cousin sister

First i should introduce to us we belong to other backward classse community in hinduism iam a 18 year boy now and my cousin sister is two year younger than me so this love story begins when we were kids we love to play with each other very much and its a shame now but i like to play husband wife roleplay game at that time and i used to be a husband of her always in games and this is one of main reason we never bro-sis relations but as we grow this games stops but not our feelings and i used to be a type of more than friend for her she shares everything with me but since i cannot be with her always because she lived with her parents in another state and i lived with my parents in another one and there were no phone allowed to teenagers at that time so we talk only when we meet but when we meet we share every secrets with each other and
real attractions started developing between us and when we became teenager we started to talk about intimation and started to share our desires and very private things and continues for very long time but now comes twist when i became little older share these things with my friends and they adviced me to take advantage of that situation i got understand and next time when we meet i told him to i have to do with you first she rejected but as she was in deep love with me she got agreed and we do that things whom i am feel still guilty but after that i started feelings hate for her i dont know why i also started ignore her but she still continues to talk with me and tries to make me feel happy everything we meet bu then i feel in love with a girl due to which when once when i meet my cousin at a family gathering i totally ignore her and then she also stop talking with me and then the girl whom i rejected my cousin betrayed and dumped me then i reliazes my mistake but till then everything get changed now my cousin developed hate for me and dont talk with me and now iam truely madly deeply in love with her but she not and i feel very guilty now of everything i did to that inncent girl.

Dec 7, 2019

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