Adventures in cuckolding

Over the years we have had many experiences with first swingers and then after I decided that I would rather just watch and film Tracy with other men we broadened our search trying different things I have watched her in MFM and her with three men then several gang bangs with anywhere from 4 guys to 7 once .

Tracy is in her early 40s now and I am 10 years older our two children have started lives of their own so for this last year we bought a fixer upper and have been so busy working on it that we had almost forgotten the thrills of wife sharing so Last October we talked it over and I think that Tracy was about to bring it up because she agreed to give it a shot before winter.
She has always been very open about s** since we first started and she enjoys everything about it she sucks c*** like a champion and swallows to she has been ass f***** and she likes that to if the guy is not too big.

We picked China Beach out of Bodega Bay for our outing and we left Vallejo about !10 AM and by 11:30 we were in the parking lot as I unloaded our back packs and cooler with water for drinking and a couple sandwiches for later then walked over the berm to the beach .

It was late summer but it was still hot with a cool breeze off the water so we passed through the people crowded around the beach and we walked up alongside of the beach n the wet sand talking but Tracy was looking around for some action and I had both my cell phone camera and our little Sony Camera with a disk that I have used on many occasions like this.
People were walking back and forth and everyone was naked as the day they were born .

We had made it about a half a mike when Tracy stopped and looked up the beach where a guy was laying on a beach towel on his back and his bushy pubic area had his lifeless c*** poking out so Tracy looked at me and asked want to and I felt my lips turn into a smile and I said go for it babe and She strutted up to him and I still marvel at her body one ass cheek has a birth mark on it but otherwise she could pass for a woman years younger then she is.

This guy had a news paper across his eyes as Tracy approached him and I heard her say excuse me and the guy pulled the paper off his eyes and looked up at her then he shaded his eyes from the sun and squinted and said huh staring at her almost perfect b****** that have defied gravity do to her timeless days at the gym and he cleared his throat and asked what and Tracy said well I was wondering you know if you might want a b******* you see my husband wants to watch me suck a guy off and film it do you mind ?

He looked at me dumbly and licked his lips and asked really raising up on his elbows and Tracy smiled her award winning smile and said oh don't get up I can do it here sitting down on the towel beside and she reached out taking his soft c*** in her hand and began to slowly stroke it smiling down at him as he watched in confusion but Tracy.

My wife is not one to take a long time explaining something because she also like to sock the guys with her bold approach and since he had not told her to stop she leaned over with her hand on his belly and drooled some saliva onto his c*** head then she leaned over farther and sucked his c*** head into her mouth and it was still soft but as she sucked pulling back I watched it stretch with her suction and he started to get hard.

I was filming this with my cell phone and I was aware that people were stopping and watching as she sucked him hard then with her forefinger and her thumb she started jerking him off still sucking on his c*** head.

His c*** firmed up good and he laid back watching her head bob up and down on his d*** then another young guy came up and asked would you do me to and Tracy turned her head and his c*** head stretched her cheek with its outline and she checked him out and grunted ummhum watching him slowly masturbating waiting for his turn.

Then another guy came up stroking his c*** watching and a whole crowd had gathered now then two ore guys were standing beside her jacking their c**** watching her go at it .

The guy on the towel was now helping with his hands on the back of her head and his ass was hunching to as he was getting close and Tracy would look around at the guys j********** and his c*** head would stretch her cheeks every time and it looked positively fantastic then with a soft man the guy s body jerked uncontrollably several times and I heard Tracy gag then she began to suck him milking his c*** with her thumb and forefinger she swallowed once but continues to suck and mild his d*** until he laid back with a sigh.

Tracy turned to me and opened her mouth showing me his c** and the crowd began to cheer and clap their hands as she closed her mouth and swallowed and smiled at everyone proudly then she got on her knees and sucked the first guy into her mouth and she took another c*** in her hand as she sucked harder and harder and this young guy lost it in less than a minute

Tracy once more opened her mouth showing me her reward before swallowing then she was surrounded buy guys and she said when you guys get ready to c** tell me ad I will finish you off as she sucked another c*** into her mouth .

One guy kneeled behind her and managed to get his c*** in her and Tracy moved into a doggy position and made the guy get on his knees to accommodate the ones that wanted to f*** her .

She would turn her head to look around and whoever was f****** her mouth his c*** head would stretch her cheek and I got all that on the camera for later when her and I looed it over .

I did not count the guys then but after we got home and counted them 11 guys got to c** in her mouth three guys f***** her doggy fashion and one guy ass f***** her because she had been so stretched out that he couldn't feel anything.

I had to ask one guy to help me carry our stuff back to the car because Tracy was to worn out and I had to help her once at the car I put the beach towel under her to catch all the sperm and she just pulled her top over her head hoping we wouldn't be stopped by the police or anything.

We are once again back into the wife sharing again and we have the house finished except for the pain and I think I will hire someone to do that part I never liked to paint anyway.

Dec 16, 2019

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  • Some time back my graduate level best friend alongwith his wife came to

    our town on business trip and stayed at our house. Once we too have

    discussed off swapping wife and s** together and had laughed over phone.

    On that day at my home, while we went out to have a walk in park, the

    swap s** popped up. I told my wife would not agree. He told his wife was

    ready for group s** and she may help my wife to agree for the act

    tonight. Thinking of f****** my buddy's big gorgeous wife, I told him our

    bedroom door shall not be locked from inside and while we will be in the

    act of s** you both may storm in nude and see how things work out. In

    bedroom getting my wife full naked telling her my friend who has a big

    c*** may be f****** his wife now and started nibbling her ears which

    gives her the arousal. Her legs wide open were locked on my back and

    hands wrapped around my shoulder. Just then they barged in. Startled my

    wife struggled to hide her p**** with her palm and b**** with other hand.

    She said Hey what you people are up to while she was googling his massive

    erection and big c***. I said don't worry just they will give us a

    company only. My friend's wife got to the bed and took my wife;s head as

    if consoling,. My friend sat on the side my wife and lay beside her. I

    signaled my friend to start and he slowly put his fingers down her p****

    and started stimulating her c******* and I too followed suit with his

    wife. I knew my wife too submissive and some assurance from my side we

    enjoyed the full night. In the morning while they were leaving she gave

    my friend full liplock kiss while he just fondled her b**** and other

    hand cupping her p****. After they left we went to the bedroom and had

    another s** and I felt a different wife too h**** and sexy. She thanked

    me for such a wonderful experience. Once in a while such change is good.

  • I married my wife because she loves having s** with other men and I love watching her. I love it when she has c** in her mouth and kisses me specially if I know the guy who came in her mouth. I also enjoy licking her p**** clean after she's been laid

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