Sucking off a stranger

A little over a year ago I was traveling. Me and my ex had been in a long distance relationship for over 10 years and it seemed like it was gonna end soon.
We fought allot and he treated me horrible over the phone he called me a w**** and slutbag and all those kinda names. Mind you I was young when I fell in love with him and had never had another sexual partner at the time.
I had sacrificed allot and had done allot for him and although I was fine with the relationship ending obviously how he was treating me was hurting me.
In one of our last fights I snapped. I thought if you are already treating me like I whored around I might aswell cause then atleast I deserve it.
I really enjoy sucking c*** and since I had only had my ex I wasn't ready to actually be f***** yet by someone else.
So I started looking online. Just on google. B****** wanted, suck my d*** anything I could think off. And I found allot. I talked with this one guy for a bit in the evening but he lived like an hour away. He send me a picture of his c*** and it was like bigger then bf and also slightly bend.
The next morning I kinda had forgotten about it and went to town. Stayed kinda busy till around 3 when I thought to check on my messages again.
He wanted to meet up and since I actually was in town I guess we could. I told him where I was but got suuuuper nervous.
I almost cancelled. He knew the town better then me and mentioned a public toilet where we could do it.
I was there early and checked it out it was close to a small park but no one was really there.
I hid behind some trees and said it was fine. So while I am waiting I see his car drive up and him going in. Then him going out. My phone leaves a message. You weren't there.
Suddenly I feel guilty. He came all this way I gotta go through with it now!
So I told him I saw him and if we were gonna go through with it there were some rules.
1 NO TALKING come in and just pull your pants down.
2 touching my b**** or head is fine but no other parts of me.
3 you can call me a s*** or a w**** if you want.(honestly it wouldn't have been more appropriate in my opinion at that moment in my life)
4 don't c** in my mouth. You can on my face or t***.
5 when you are done you leave No Talking.

He agreed to all of it and I started walking towards the toilet. His car was parked right infront so he could see me now. My heart was beating so bad. No going back now.
I sit on the toilet for a few seconds and here someone coming in. Then a knock on the door. I unlock it and he comes in. I pull my shirt up exposing my bra.
He locks the door and pulls his pants down.
He was soft and I was so nervous I went straight in. Took it in my mouth and sucked and sucked. He smelled really bad but as soon as I was sucking him I kept thinking.
I am sucking a strangers c*** right now. What do you think of me now Ben??? I am worse then a w**** I suck a c*** of someone I don't even know. And it was good. He grew in my mouth.
I was so nervous I don't think I was really so good but I kept going and the thoughts stayed how I am sucking a strangers c***.
Between 5 and 10 min he said he was gonna c**. And real quick he exploded on my b****.
That was also a first and I could feel it was warm and dripping between my b****.
I looked at his c*** and it was already getting soft. I put it back in my mouth and sucked it again. He moaned. Only time he did.
Then he grabbed some toilet paper and cleaned himself and left.
I sat there for a good 2 minutes sort of like not believing what I just did.
When I was back in my car I cleaned my mouth with some water a spat it out a few times. I could still taste him.
Only when I drove home I started laughing. I started thinking I am really a s*** now.
Me and my ex broke up 2 days after in a fight where he called me a s*** again.
I never told him. I never told anyone what I did.
Ow and the stranger send me a message the next day asking if we could do it again.
I had told him I had left town.

Dec 17, 2019

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  • My first wife once brought a friend home who was like you, tired of being accused of something she wasn't. This woman didn't know me but my wife knew her and said I would play the part of the guy she would cheat with. My wife suggested I attach a condition of my own, so I did: She could suck my c***, but to make it worth all the trouble she should let me do something she wouldn't let her husband do. She agreed and offered her ass. This excited me and my wife, she liked to watch me f*** ass. Her friend wanted to change her mind when she found out my c*** was longer and thicker than her husband's, but when I told her I knew her husband and knew about him f****** another woman up the ass my wife's friend decided to go for it. I enjoyed myself, f****** her ass until she begged me to c** in her ass and my wife enjoyed the show, fingering herself to a good o*****. A week later this woman finally realized that her husband was an a******, divorced him, and became a regular threesome partner with my first wife and me. After my wife left me for a more financially secure c***, her friend moved in with me for a few months while she looked for a job and another guy, f****** me in the meantime.

  • Your story made my big c*** get hard

  • Very hot do it agine

  • Too long.
    Please don't bother writing any more posts.

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