SIL Tension

I’m currently on holiday break/vacation from work/school. My SIL (GF twin sister) lives in a city almost 2 hours away from my hometown. I was Invited to stay with her to “help around the house” while there. She’s extremely hot and single and lives alone. There were times when I confused her with her twin sister and grabbed her ass or whispered sexual things in her ear but she always laughed it off. Anytime it’s happened, I went straight to my GF to tell her what happened. She’s been calling me bae around the family and touches me any chance she gets for almost 2 years now. By touch, I mean, hands on stomach, thighs, and arms. There’s tension between the two of us considering she hasn’t had a BF in years and myself, have a GF that sleeps super early and always tired. I’ve caught her checking me out at times and she’s caught me looking at her. Long story short, we share beds throughout the day but sleeps separately. She walks around in only underwear and cami without a bra. On the 2nd day of 1.5 week stay, I have blue b**** and she jokes about it constantly. In the past, we’ve come close to messing around but nothing came of it. They both joke about sharing me but I actually want her. I constantly question if I should make a move.

Dec 18, 2019

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  • Punky and I thank you for your comment regarding you being on holiday and interested in your sisters sister? Be careful with that one. You sound very young. Things happen in our lives when we are very young that understandably don't transfer well into adulthood. If you want the other honest and own that decision. Remember, Karma's a b****, she doesn't forget & she strikes when you least expect it. Do unto others what you would want done to you. Put the shoe on the other would you feel if the situation was reversed? Be respectful of yourself and your girlfriend and be honest with yourself. Like I said, you sound worries, we've all been there. Its called growing up. Good luck! Pam&Punky

  • Can you post photo for here?

  • That cam be dangerous for all. Although you GF jokes about it I don't think she will want to shre you with her sister. But Having s** with twins is the ultimate 3some

  • See if they will both share you at the same time? They've joked about it so make it happen! Looking forward to updates!

  • It's not worth it, man. As a twin of your gf, she has an identical p**** and the s** isn't going to be markedly better. Maybe she's a little more energetic, but it is going to feel the same. I'd stay away.

  • Sounds like a c*** tease c***

  • But its the idea of having twins

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