Never seen my wife's beasts. She sleeps in a bra. Locks the bathroom when showering. We have 2 kids so yes she is a woman.

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  • Sounds like a female impersonator to me. Have you check that situation out? It can fool a "Fool".

  • We have kids. I have f***** her many times.

  • Being self conscious isn't a good enough excuse

  • This is ridiculous she at the very least needs to give u a reason

  • You're funny, well imagine your wife has kim k b**** maybe it will help you.

  • She is just self conscious. I do the same cause well my b****** are not sexy :) and its just the truth and also my body is not to die for and well its just what we women go through at times. We sometimes have so many insecurities its just hard to let go of them. Just make sure you always let her know all the time she is loved through words and actions. Also just accept her for who she is or maybe just talk to her about the matter plus I dont see it being taboo to speak about it. You can express to her that you dont mind once in a while sneaking on her and making love to her in the showerand you love her even she feels conscious about herself

  • I love my wife. I think I treat her well. I try to never swear at home and certainly never at her. I try to help out at home. No perverts except I wonder if she thinks I'm a perv for wanting to touch and see her b******. Yes so I hope she knows I love her.

  • What's pervy about wanting to see your wife's b******? That's a pretty normal part of s** between a man and a woman.

  • Ok. Maybe she is modest or is self-conscious about her b******. I'm the same way. I think my b****** are too saggy and uninteresting for my boyfriend. So I cover up my b****** and my stomach and my b*tt when he comes in our room. He is always calling me fat or telling me only he can be the fat one in our relationship. So I cover up with my towel or blanket when he walks into the room when I'm out of the shower. We live with a lot of other people so I know he won't come in to attemp to take a shower with me but i lock the bathroom door any way since there is a 16 year old pervert living with us. But I feel so unwanted and undesired by him.. He hasn't initiated s** in several months and i feel so unwanted and undesired so I dont ask him either. I hope your situation isn't like ours

  • He clearly seems to be not interested in you. You deserve better girl :) I went through what you are going through, once, the difference being that my guy (now ex) lived far so intimacy wasn't possible. But called me fat often and praised his now-girlfriend a lot when we used to talk. I'm just happy I'm not with him anymore. Not suggesting a break up, but take care of yourself girl :) your guy should be proud and love you for what you are.

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