Can't look at each other 1.

Ever had one of those weeks where just nothing but the real thing will do, Of course you have, Everyone has...At least I hope. Anyway my room mate Mandy and I were sitting around watching a movie and I was having one of those weeks, We had both showered, Put on our PJ's and made some pop corn, Put on an old fav movie and were hanging out, I had taken care of myself every night in the shower and it just wasn't working, I was frustrated and h0rny and the worst part is I am single. I was scrolling through my phone contemplating a "B00ty call after the movie but my list was very disappointing, Nope...Nope...Nope.
About halfway through the movie I said to mandy "Aaarrrggghhh, I am so h0rny, Lets go out", she was like "Really?...I am in my PJ's", I said "Come oooonnnn, I need to get la!d" and she said "Ugh, Okaayyy", We got dressed up in record time, Basically threw on some clothes and pulled our hair back and left. First club...Nothing doin, Second club...Meh, a few potentials but nothing that really got me going, we then went to a club we don't normally go to just because it is a bit of a rougher place and in not a great part of town, We went in and within a few minutes there was a fight and Mandy said "That is why we don't come here", I figured being we weren't all done up we kinda fit in, I went to the washroom, There were three girls in there, two kissing and one doing coke on the bathroom counter, I was like yeah, We gotta go but when I came out I passed a table with two guys at it, One said "Hi", I replied and they invited me to sit with them, I went and grabbed Mandy and we went to their table.
They were both actually nice guys, One named Scott and one named Derek, Or were being nice anyway, Turned out they were in town for work and staying upstairs in the hotel, I will say that I felt much safer sitting with them and I am not usually into rougher guys but we started playing pool and when a guy in a harley jacket and a bandana all muscled up walked by and slid his hand across Mandy's bum scott grabbed him and just straight up knocked him out, I was like "holy s***", Bouncers came up and Scott said "Really, Make me leave" and they basically just told him not to do it again. Scott was a big guy, Like over 6 feet tall and very...Intimidating, Derek was more average built but also didn't take any crap and when one of the bouncers came up he had stepped in front of a slightly larger, Muscled up guy, Locked eyes with him and said "What...Do something" and the bouncer had backed down.
Scott said "Ya know what, This place is always bullsh!t after midnight, Lets get out of here" They were like "Where do you want to go?", I knew where I wanted to go but I looked at Mandy and she shrugged and said "Well, We already went to the other two clubs in town and they suck", Derek suggested going up to thier room and having a drink, I was like "YES, Let's go". So we get to the room I strategically sit next to Scott, mandy next to Derek and after a couple drinks Mandy and Derek started kissing, One thing led to another and we all ended up on the beds, Derek and Mandy on his and me and Scott on his.
We were just all kissing and fooling around, there really wasn't anywhere to "Be alone" which made things a bit awkward but Scott had me with my top off and my back to Derek and Mandy. Mandy is 5 feet even, 120 pounds, Brunette and in my opinon perfectly built, She wears a 36 C and I feel it's a bit small but she only wears one size, One brand and one style, I am 5 foot 4 inches, also 120 pounds but more...Athletic built, I do gymnastics coaching and do a little competeing but I am pretty much flat chested, Slim and since I have no b**** I seldom wear a bra which has put me in a few embarrassing situations around family and such like the time I had to snap my fingers at my cousin because I had gotten a chill.
Scott was kissing me and pinching my nips which had me all riled up and I was ready to pounce on him but Mandy and Derek were like arms length away on his bed. Scott wrapped his arms around me and rolled me on top of him, I laid flat on his chest to hide my...Well not my b**** but my nips anyway. I kept peeking over to see what Mandy was doing and Derek had her on her side facing us with her head pulled back kissing her, Her shirt pulled up and her bra undone and pulled down, Scott looked over and then at me and smiled, he put his hands under my arms and I covered my chest as he sat me up, He pulled my hands down and My heart was racing.
I looked over and was like "Oh good god", They were still both facing us but now they were both looking at us and Derek was whispering in Mandy's ear and she was answering him, She later told me he was asking her questions, Ever seen her naked...Duh! of course, Ever touched her...No, ever wanted to...Maybe. WHAT!!! anyway, I was sitting on top of scott and I could feel his bulge, Like there was a definite something there and I was so fired up, I was grinding back and forth and flopped down beside him, I got under the blankets and he did the same, Soon we were all under the blankets and Derek had turned off all the lights except one lamp for obvious reasons (So they could both see).
I slid my hand down and Hollllaaaayyy crap, Scott was frickin huge, I am 22 and have had my share (6) but I was caught off guard, I lifted the blanket and looked and if my heart wasn't racing before it was now, Like about to jump out of my chest. I slid under the blankets and scott convinced me to turn around so we were 69, I had my hand around the middle of his length so I could control him because I didn't want to get choked to death, I was going crazy, Like I was so worked up I didn't even notice that we had turned sideways on the bed, We were both on our side and he had his arm under my knee holding my leg up and OH MY GOD, he had his tongue right in me, I have a small cl!t, I know I do, Even I have trouble finding it right away sometimes but he found it and sucked it, Yeah, Wrapped his lips over it and sucked it. He is amazing, He knows exactly what to do, Never missed a beat and then it happened, He found the mythical G-spot, NEVER before, Not even on my own, I had forgotten we weren't alone and he had both hands and his face in there, He had one finger rubbing my...Not my vag, His lips wrapped around my cl!t sucking it and when he hit that spot I melted, I started shaking and moaning and, I am not a talker but I was speaking in tongues and I melted, Like i felt myself come and he held me there just the perfect amount of time and then gently let me relax.
I have never been so wet in my life, I don't think I "squ!rted" but I flooded, I for real couldn't move I knew I had my feet on the floor and my body on the bed, My legs were spread and afterward I realized Derek and Mandy were on their sides still with Derek doing her from behind and both watching me, Scott turned me onto the bed and got on top of me, I was litterally dripping wet and he still had to work to get it in, As he slid in I was like "Oh god, Slow, Slow, Oh god you're huge". He was amazing, He knew exactly how to do it and soon we were all just slowly going at it, i heard Mandy moan that she was coming and a minute later scott postured up, I was oblivious to what was happeneing and was just laying there with my eyes closed loving the feeling of Scott in me then I felt Derek slide his c*** across my lips and I had no control, I opened my mouth and let him in.
Derek is a little smaller than Scott but still absolutely above average, No doubt about it way above average, that only lasted a few minutes and...Ooopsie, I swallowed, Derek only waited a minute or so and Scott had my legs up, Derek slapped Scott on the shoulder and scott pulled out and I was like "No, No, No, What are you...No, No, No" and by that time Derek was in me and i was like "Ooohhh, Uhhh, Okay", Derek was able to pick up the pace a bit without hurting me and it was great. Scott literally picked Mandy up and flopped her down beside me, I watched as Scott spread her knees and Mandy looked down saying "Oh god, I don't think I can" and then she said "Ooohhh ssshhhiiitttt" as he slid in.
Mandy and I have NEVER done anything like this but we did some stuff, then some more stuff and then all the stuff, First they convinced us to kiss while they were doing us side by side, A little nip sucking back and forth, Hands and fingers down there on each other and then somehow we ended up with Mandy on her back, Me on top 69 and they swithced back and forth and everyone finished multiple times. We stayed the night and scott and I had a middle of the night or morning or whatever time it was go with each other, In the morning Scott joined Mandy in the shower and Derek came to my bed.
We all went for breakfast and back to the hotel, We had a 4 way again and Me and Mandy did the thing again, Basically we just spent all day back and forth from the restaurant and the hotel room, Mandy and I eventually went home because they had to go to work on night shift which they were supposed to be at work the night before but something was broke, I have no idea what. Mandy and I didn't talk about the stuff we did with each other but when Scott called at 7:00 am neither of us even hesitated, My phone rang and by the time I answered it mandy was standing at my door.
We had breakfast and another whole day of debauchery, Just doing everything and I don't think we even put our clothes on, They talked us into answering the door for room service with no clothes on then the food ended up sitting on the table for half an hour before we even got to it, There was no....Defined couples, It threw me for a loop just getting grabbed and thrown on the bed by whoever was hard and doing it right in front of whoever wasn't doing it, There was multiple 2 on 1 situations, 2 guys, 2 girls, Whatever and no one got upset, No one got jealous no one said anything about it.
So now see part 2

Dec 18, 2019

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  • I love your story. Kisses


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