Horrible teen step daughter

My step daughter is 16 years old and I really hate this little b****!!! She treats me and her father like crap and is only nice when she's asking for something!! She has an 18 year old loser boyfriend who won't get a job because he doesn't want to lose his social security check every month that his mommy gets and gives him $100 out of! They are always here he sleeps here almost every night and they are both the biggest slobs EVER!!! My husband just turns the blind eye to it and I can't take it!! I keep telling him I'm not his daughter and her boyfriends maid and I'm going to leave him soon if it doesn't change!! Did I mention that she refuses to go to school and lives on the couch!! I have a 5 year old son myself who has that as a role model!!! Not to mention they constantly scream at my 5 year old son for everything he does!!! She's a lazy rude selfish loser piece of s*** and I just can not wait for her to be gone!!! I told my husband if he doesn't kick her ass out soon then I'm leaving him for good!!!! Why do these kids think they can treat everybody like crap, and that they are entitled to EVERYTHING!?!? Ughhhh can't take it!!!!


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  • Tell her that boyfriend is not allowed to stay overnight and has to be gone by 10 pm. Your house. Your rules.

  • I'm feeling ya! I have been down that road myself many years ago. Not Fun!

  • They behave that way because they've been conditioned to behave that way by society and by mom and dad. It's a very good thing -- for them AND for you -- that you are taking a stand against it. Good for you!

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