I want to start over in life, change myself completely

I'm doing somewhat okay currently, but I also just feel like I want to start over completely, with a blank slate. Move to a new city or state. Get fat, find a nice wife, maybe get a simple easy job. Maybe have my wife do everything while I stay at home, a fat happy man. Might be happier than I am now stuck here in nowheres-ville Don't have the money or transportation means to do it unfortunately...

Wish some lovely woman would basically kidnap me and help me rebuild my life, rebuild myself.

Dec 18, 2019

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  • Nah, don't change everything. Just bleach your a***.........

  • If you're looking for a lovely woman, don't get fat and don't look for someone to support you. Show some initiative. Work hard. You will find it so much easier to move, start over, and achieve your goals. No woman wants a passive loser.

  • What is the deal with people posting the same thing twice all the time lately? Are you people THAT starved for attention?!

  • Ewww. This thread has been hijacked by transgender FREAKS

  • It's quite rude to call transgender people freaks, you poorly packages peice of horse s***.

  • It's quite rude for transgender people to behave any damn way they like, then burst into tears when someone calls them on it. 'Freak' is indeed a bit strong of a word, but these confused and emotionally unstable losers lit into this confession without bothering to engage their brains. People like that deserve all the crap they get in return, even if they're a group "protected" by SJWs and outrage culture.

  • That's because they're having their little Moment in the Sun and are desperate to make everything about them, as other loud stupid groups of people have done in the past and will in the future.

    Trans people, learn to f****** read. NOWHERE in this confession did OP mention transitioning. If you need to blither about your lifestyle choice or mental illness or whatever it is in your super-special case, write your own damn confessions! THIS. IS. NOT. ABOUT. YOU.

  • It's good to shake things up in your life sometimes. I did that. I had been thinking of moving down to Los Angeles. My friend said, If you don't do it now (then), you may never do it. I ended up quitting my job (without another one waiting for me) and moved. I didn't get married, but I met some really great people along the way. It was definitely a different time. Things were not as expensive as they are now. But that doesn't mean that you still can't pick up and go somewhere, do something different with your life. We all tend to be creatures of habit and change is hard sometimes. There is so much you can do to make positive changes in your life and explore your options. Do something small like taking a class - maybe you'll meet a nice woman... or consider going on a trip, volunteering, finding a group on meetup.com or looking into jobs in other cities. And do something regardless of if you are with someone or not. I do want to say one thing. We all deal with things from time to time. And although shaking our lives up can break up the monotony, if you're depressed and looking to escape, moving may not solve those problems. You still have to deal with that. So make sure you take care of yourself and talk with someone if you need to. We're entering a new decade, make some big changes for yourself and invest in you.

  • Here's a few thoughts and experiences from my journey.

    First is that atm it seems that everyone's talking about transitioning. It's a popular topic. But maybe you just like the look and feel of womens clothing.

    Also the longer you leave it the more painful it will be. Both for you and her. Even if atm she is totally oblivious, you are at minimum a bit down and depressed. After you tell her, yes she will have strong emotions but you will feel better. You will have been open and truthful and that means a lot. If she dumps you and she may well, that is super traumatic. But a year to two on and you'll be in a better spot. I think anyway.

  • While I appreciate your comment on this, I'm not really talking about transitioning or becoming transgender. I just want a new start in life someplace better with someone to love.

  • So here's my story,

    I guess in my case it was more the desire to wear womens clothing. There was also a feeling of submissiveness that I associated with women that I didn't really understand when I was a kid. My mom was very openminded and dad too. So when around 7 I had to wear tights in a school play and commented that I liked the feel of them, mom was fine with me wearing them to bed. Things progressed. On one occasion, we were at a friends house and it was a hot day and they had a pool but I did not have a swimming costume and the only other kid there was the friends daughter. So it was suggested that I wear an old one piece of hers. I was too embarrassed. However mom insisted saying something along the lines of you know you will like it and you will look back with regret if you don't. My recollection was that I was physically forced to put it on. When it was time to leave, mom suggested I keep it on under my boy clothes and the other mom said I could keep it. I think that was the stiring of the submissive thing. But it's odd because women were both strong and submissive if that makes sense. Somewhere soon after, mom bought me other girls clothes. Starting with nighties and then a dress. I refused to wear the dress for ages and it hung in my wardrobe for a long time and I was in fear of it and then I started to put it on in secret and wear it in my room.

  • Punky and I thank you for your comment regarding your being a male whose mother put you in tights when you were a small child and eventually began "slipping" you girls dresses and nighties... Your mother was 100% to blame for starting you out so early with that kind of "adult baggage." That was adult behavior that she "slipped" your way at a very impressionable time just because she may have thought it was "charming" or "cute". You weren't born with that kind of knowledge, it came to you as a child from her and it never should have. Cross dressing or transitioning at any level should be an "adult" decision in our opinion, not a child's. Part of the result of her behavior has you, all of these years later, in somewhat of a state of "hiding". One which I'll bet doesn't serve in making you feel good about yourself. In spite of all of the love and support that your mother may have given you as a little one, she did you a major disservice with this. One that you'll be taking to your grave. The "little secret" that she thought was so adorable at the time has become something of an albatross for you now or you wouldn't have to keep it in a place of shame...hidden away. ..but then, do you? "Dark secrets" eat away at your soul. Its safer to avoid them all together, if you can. You aren't a child any more. You're resilient. Truth is Light...always be honest with yourself because of that. You will not only be one of those benefiting but so will everyone around you. Pam&Punky

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