Boyfriend has fat fetish

My boyfriend of three years has a fat fetish. I'm gaining weight for him because I want to but I'm afraid society will treat me like s*** because I will be fat. I'm so happy in my relationship and I prefer being fatter anyways but I'm just so afraid of how nasty people will be to me.

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  • People suck and some will be nasty. The first thing people will notice about you is that you're a big fatty and everyone will judge you for it. Your friends and family will wonder how you could do this to yourself. Doctors will lecture you on the dangers of obesity. Life in general will get harder and harder as you continue to grow bigger, softer, heavier, fatter, and more out if shape. But, if your bf wants to turn you into a big tub of quivering lard and you're cool with it, then go for it! Maybe you'll love it or at least resign yourself to it once you're so fat and helpless you can't fight it. Eventually you'll be so massive and so far gone that all that will matter is his opinion anyway. You'll stop going out with your friends because your size will physically make it difficult to do much and will make you feel uncomfortable in social settings. Its embarrassing being the fat girl that gets sweaty and winded just walking a few steps and has to ask for a table at the restaurant because she can't fit in the booth. As you grow larger and larger, your world will shrink. All you will have is him and of course food! You can always count on food. Food is your everything. Food is what made you what you are today, a morbidly obese friendless blob, barely able to take care of herself. Food is why you need help putting on shoes and why you can't reach to clean yourself, but food is so good, it tastes so good and it feels so good when you stuff your fat face and fill your enormous stomach. Food is why your belly hangs down over your thunder thighs, creeping ever closer to your knees. But food never judges. Food doesn't care that you completely ruined your body and any chance of a normal life just to satisfy his fetish. Food is your only meaningful relationship. Food is there to comfort you when you realize what you've done. Food will make it all better, so just keep shoveling it in piggy. You know you want it, you can't stop now even if you tried. Oink!

  • As long as you are healthy a little bit of chub is not going to do any harm...I was skinny as h*** but now I'm getting a bit chubby and my Man just loves it..I plan of getting slightly overweight and let it be that way...

  • Fat people are gross and repulsive

  • F*** society. Be confident, love yourself the way you are, and be happy you found a bf that likes you if you become fatter, since that is what you want anyway. Just go for it!

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