I worked at ravensbruck

I'm a 93 Yr old woman, and I have been living in the US since 1946,when using forged papers I emigrated.
I didn't mention my previous work in the infamous Ravensbruck concentration camp.
My good friend irma grese and I got up to things of which some may find shameful.
However what we did was right in our eyes.
I feel no remorse and I intend to keep my secret safe from my family and friends.

Dec 19, 2019

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  • Love to hear what you did

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  • WWI drove many people mad....including Adolf Hitler who before the war was a kind well mannered decent young man. The war drove my Opa nuts. But whereas Hitler dealt with his madness with hate Opa drank. So you were a victim aswell caught up in the madness. I will say this tho, i think you should have been hung at Nuremberg and I also think Germany should have been forced to give up a huge swath of territory to be given to the Jews as a New Israel. The British cutting up Palestine so a bunch of Europeans could move there was stupid. Germany and Poland should have given land up. And I’m very sorry mAAM EVEN tho I think it’s too late to punish you I hope you did suffer from your actions in some way. Hopefully some drunk Russian or GI beat you and raped you at wars end. Lots of that happened I have read and been told and I have no pity for those German women. They murdered babies at Treblinka and Auschwitz so f*** those German ladies. They gave the Nazis the power to do what they did. You know what I’m talkkng about. But it’s all in the past now. I do wish you a nice old age and quite end for you. But lady, TELL people what you saw. There are fools now who claim it didn’t happen. It will happen again and again until we all die out. I hate humanity and their stupidity. Can you answer me this? What did the Jews ever do to you? They fought and died in WWI for the Kaiser and as a reward you N*** pigs robbed them and murdered them. America is headed towards something similar I fear. Againsta Hispanics probably. Or blacks. F*** racism. Btw I am the grandson of a Wehrmacht Leutnat. He told me what happened. He said he did a little murder himself. POWs and commissars. But so did the Americans and British and Russians. Horrible. I will have nightmares now. Anyways take care and please share your story. It needs to be told.

  • Do your math again dumb ass

  • What's wrong with the maths? She could have been 18 or so when the war ended?

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