Morgan, My Friend, and Maggie, My Wife

I am a guy with tongue fetish. I get aroused and seduced just by seeing long & pointed tongues of women. At the age of 27, when I shifted to a new hostel, I happened to meet Morgan (that's how we call him) of my age, and we become friends. One fine day I happened to see his long tongue, when he was licking ice-cream cone that was dripping all over his hand. I was surprised to see me get aroused, not being gay. From that day, I always imagined him tongue kissing women, which included my Mother, and mastrubate. Mostly I imagine him and my mother tongue kissing. This continued for 2 years and Morgan also shifted to a different state in India, a city called 'Bangalore'. Few months later, I met the love of my life (Maggie). We fell head over heals in love with each other. We got engaged when I was 30. She was 28. Couple of months before marriage, something she did, became the cause for it all. She uploaded a video in Tik Tok, challenging people to touch their nose tip with their tongue, tagging me. The moment I saw that video, I got so aroused and add up to the heat, it reminded me about my friend Morgan. Something was pushing me from inside to pass that video to Morgan to make him accept the challenge. But it's been months since we both talked to each other. I searched for his profile and was so exited to find him in Tik Tok. I forwarded my Maggie's video to him, with a message to her that my friend will do it on my behalf and I was so eagerly waiting for their response. When I got a message beep, my heart pumped up. Maggie replied first, 'Lol! Let's see :P'. Soon a video followed tagging us, where he did duet with Maggie, touched his nose with his tongue.When i played the video, when they pop their tongues out before bend it to touch the nose, it appeared as if their tongues touched. My wife replied saying that, 'Wow! That's truly a long tongue. Hehe'. Before I type my comment to appreciate Morgan, he replied to Maggie, saying, 'Not as long as yours :P'. I liked both their comments and just sent clapping emoticons. I rushed to my bath room and mastrubated after a very long time imagining Morgan and Maggie kissing tongue-to-tongue. I felt bad soon after I mastrubated that I was thinking of Maggie that way. Some sort of guilt was haunting me. But i ended up mastrubating imaging the same thing again and again the whole week. This desire in me grown stronger that I wanted to see them do it in real. A week later, I commented on the same video, in response to Morgan's comment, 'Why don't we measure and decide the winner?'. I was waiting and waiting for their response, like a mad dog. I was thrilled to receive a call from Morgan. I picked up, and I couldn't talk in my normal voice. He thought I had bad throat. He called to check who she is, then I told my love story and the news that we are getting married in a month. He was showing disappointment for not letting him know and not inviting him for wedding. I told that I was planning to surprise him by visiting him to give the invitation. He was convinced, and the fact that I am going to have both of them in a same place aroused me further. Later in the night, Maggie responded to my comment with, 'Huh?'. I immediately responded to her saying, 'Rather assuming, why don't we measure whose tongue is long'. I got a immediate response from Morgan saying, 'I am in'. 'Betcha', Maggie responded to him and asked me, 'So how do we do it, love?'. I replied them, 'Check your inbox'. They were assuming it has to be measured using a tape or object and share each others picture with me, as one was in a city called 'Chennai' and the other was in 'Bangalore'. To their surprise, I told them we have to do it when we meet. Me: "So here is the drill. You both should get closer, face to face, in a distance that only the tip of your tongues touch". While I was typing, Morgan immediately responded, as he was waiting for it, "What if we misjudge the length and get more closer :P". Maggie responded, "S***!! That will turn out to be a 'French Kiss', Lol. I am not doing it". Me: "Baby, I'll ensure you both are at the right distance". Maggie: "Awwww.. My love!!". Me: "In such a way that only the tip of your tongues touch". Morgan: "That'll still be a French Kiss :P". Maggie: "I don't know what that is called, but definitely not French Kissing". Me (I started mastrubating reading the conversation): "Okay, enough of discussing French Kissing. Back to the topic now". Maggie: "Okay Hon". Morgan: "YES SIR!!!". Me: "You both should pop your tongues out at each other and I will measure whose is long, just by my eyes". Morgan" "How could I ensure you don't act in favour of your fiancé?". Maggie: "Even otherwise I will win you tongues down ;)". Morgan: "Not going to be easy Dear ;)". Maggie: "Let's see ;)". They started conversing something else and I mastrubated reading the whole conversation. Weeks passed by, but they both haven't talked about it later, at least in the group chat or to me. Both of us got busy in our wedding preparations and I ensured Morgan is coming. I got wedded to Maggie. It was a big fat Indian Wedding, so we were always surround by friends and relatives. We were on our reception stage, and Morgan came to wish us with his present. He waved at us and came and hugged me and shook hands with her, and said sorry to us for not being able to make it to the wedding. He gave the present to me and Maggie asked him where's her present. He told he will get her something special to convince her for not buying anything. She popped her tongue out at him, as a gesture that she don't believe him. He came closer to her and said, "win the 'Tongue of War", I promise I get you anything that you want", and winked. She in-fact blushed hearing him, not expecting him to say that on the stage. I was not able to focus on anything else but to think about finding a private place for the 3 of us. Later in the evening, during dinner, Morgan was sitting right in front of us. My wife signalled him, "Gift". In return, he popped his tongue at her. She popped her tongue at him in return. Those who have seen this by any chance must have wondered what's happening. Lol. When we were about to return to our home, I told our driver to take another car to drop my relatives home and wanted Morgan to drive our Car. Both of them might have got the hint, but acted as if they don't. After a particular distance, I wanted Morgan to take diversion to a street where there are no houses and it's little dark. I wanted Morgan to stop the car in middle of a street and asked him to turn off the head lights, which Morgan did. But my wife asked me, "What happened Monu?", so innocently. I told her, "I want to watch 'Tongue of War'.". She laughed but was hesitant, as it's middle of a street. But no lights. I convinced her to move to the front. She got inside in her reception gown and groom make up. She was looking like an Angel that day. I said, "Okay, do it". They looked at each other face to face, leaned forward, held their hands and started kissing lip-to-lip. I stopped them and told Morgan, "the challenge is not to kiss my wife in-front of me", and we all laughed. They both leaned forward agin and popped their tongues out and 'OMG' their tongues touched, but I was so disappointed that light was too bad. It was almost dark. Suddenly a car turned in our direction and because of the high beam, I saw a beautiful silhouette of My friend of my wife kissing tongue-to-tongue. She came to the back seat and leaned on my shoulder. No one cared about who the winner is. Morgan started the car and just to break break the silence asked, who is the winner. I told I was not able to decide as it was too dark. He told, "You know I am the winner, don't act in favour of your wife". Maggie suddenly responded saying, "I do not need anyone's favour to Win". Morgan responded, "Alright, then let's do it one more time where your husband can clearly watch us". I sensed a kind of double meaning in it, and I was totally excited that it didn't end there. After entering our house, we both got into our room to freshen up. Morgan stayed in our house. To my surprise, my wife asked me, "Should we call Morgan in for a minute?". I couldn't hold my excitement and called Morgan to our room, to fix the laptop for us to transfer the pictures (it's in the new floor constructed, just for me & Maggie), except few relatives staying in the other bed rooms. Just two more couples and their kids. He came, and by the time he entered, Maggie was all set on the bed for battle. I positioned them opposite to the lights and asked them to do it. They both once again leaned forward, got close face to face, really close, and I could sense that it was intensional, and popped their tongues out and her tongue was literally on his tongue, I wanted them to pop out as much as they can, which they did. I said stop, and they stopped 3 seconds later and looked at me raising eyebrows asking who is the winner. I confessed to them, "Both of you. Both of you are winners, for having long beautiful tongues and fulfilling my desire". Maggie: "What, what desire?". I explained them everything and both of them bursted out laughing. Maggie: "You could have simply asked as to kiss each other.". Morgan: "Yes, big deal.". Me: "The Kiss. Then kiss each other like there is no tomorrow. Kiss like they kiss in p*** movies where I see your tongues dancing against each other. Kiss and swap spits".They both exclaimed, "Are you serious?". Me: "I heard you saying it was not a big deal, and it's fun". Morgan: "Point", and turned towards my wife. I have never seen such a sloppy kiss even in p*** sites. I was in heaven and praying god that not to strike me blind. All that I was saying is, "Lick", I can't see your tongues", to make them use more tongue. What happened next was not planned by me. It must have been destiny. They both started getting naked and f***** in front of me where I mastrubated watching them have s**. It was qu

Dec 18, 2019

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