I'm a submissive boyfriend

I confess I am a submissive guy. my girlfriend is the limit setter in our relationship. we are both middle age divorcees. but she is the limit setter and its kind of fun and weird at the same time. kind of like being a teenager again with rules like touching and kissing. some examples:-

holding hands ok
kiss on cheek ok
must ask before kissing on lips and even then no tongue.

i must ask before touching her anywhere. even then no touching b****** or crotch. legs just above knee ok but have to ask specifically to touch her bum.

she says once my divorce comes through then we will tongue kiss.

she says when we have s** that she likes to initiate and that she will decide when and usually she will want me to start with me on top but then roll over and have her on top as she says thats the only way she c***.

Aug 21, 2019

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  • Holding hands? Lewd!

  • My wife is in full control of me. She is almost 20 years older, a full milf, and dominates me in front of her milf friends. Makes me bring them drinks and then uses me as a footstool in front of them. Some of them have used me too. I get a raging erection being her b****. In the bedroom she makes me go down on her every night. Some nights she tells me to finish myself off, or to not touch myself at all. Other nights he slowly wanks me off. Ocassionally a b****** and more regularly s** if she wants it. She also gives me footjobs which I love so much but the rule is any c** on her feet and I must lick it off. Makes me so h****.

  • Lot’s of luck sounds. Like U need it😟😢

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