Can't stop!

I am 69 years old and have been playing with myself for 57 years. I love to c** so much! Even after I got married and thought that would be an outlet to satisfy my horniness. Nope, didn't happen. I play with myself when I get some alone time. I troll masturbation sites, erotic story sites, sites with women playing with themselves, big ass sites, spanking sites, sites where women get throat f***** or tied and assfucked, and enem sites showing women s******* in all manner of scenes. I edge for as long as I can jold out, then c**, grunting and moaning like a h**** teenager. I tried abstaining and praying, No good! My d*** is always begging for relief. I figure at this point in my life I will be a hopeless masturbator the rest of my life. I am just glad it feels so good.

Dec 20, 2019

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  • I’ll certainly never stop masturbating. My teddy gave me my first o***** when I was nine years old, & i’ve c** at least once a day ever since. I always wake up h**** and can reach o***** in seconds; and c****** helps me to drop off at night. I even c** in my sleep!
    I am apparently quite lucky because I can reach o***** without touching myself, just my squeezing my thighs together. I’ve done it a few times during boring lessons at school!
    I have never talked about this with my friends, because they would think I was a freak. Actually, I might be because my c******* seems quite a bit larger than diagrams show it. And it gets hard and sticks out a bit just like a tiny p****. It isn’t the same as a p**** though because I can have several o****** in a row, which is something i’ve heard that boys can’t do.
    Thing is, we’re all different, and what you do in private harms no-one!

  • I love j**********. My 15 year old cousin taught me when I was 8. Fifty years later I continue to be obsessed with my c***. I love j********** any and everywhere I can.

  • I am a 39 year old attractive and petite transvestite and I have three lovers all over 60. I know just how to please them as older men are looking for something to spice up their s** life!!
    Older men can last, take their time and are appreciative in bed or on the kitchen table and love the tightness of a willing bottom, particularly if its clad in silk knickers, stockings and suspenders!!!!

  • A good w*** everyday helps with the gurt of your C**k my wife's has said my c*** has got thicker .

  • 63 and love wanking to a girl getting ass f***** or sucking c***, love the bald p**** too

  • I do have the same issue. I am 65 and obsessed of f****** big breasted girls and c** inside their ass. I must relieve my c*** every day and sometimes twice a day. I could not find one woman who can take my c*** daily except when we are new in our relation. I dream of having more than a girl in my bed an keep switching between them.

  • It sounds like you need your d*** sucked slowly until you come, then swallowed, then a thumb on the base of your urethra - pulling up slowly to the opening, to push out every last drop of c** to be consumed!

  • Good man Larry how big is your C**k
    What do you use as a lube sometimes I like a dry w**k. Either way like you I love to w**k.

  • I m********* 4 to 5 times a day the secret is not to C*m . I play with my c**k till it gets really hard play with it for 10 to 15 mins on till I nearly c*m but do not c*m put your d*** away the urge starts to build up again to have another w**k in an hour or 2 later your D**k is trobing by now again do not C*m . I Do this most of the day the feeling is so exciting I usually C*m after 2 or 3 days That's why I don't C*m straight away As you know you guys when you C*m it drains you and the excitement goes very quick.
    I use butter sometimes as a lubricant instead of baby oil makes your c**k nice and slippery . I love w**king every day and hold my c*m for a few days.

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